The Long & Winding Road

The Long & Winding Road which leads us to the door of 80 Sidney Street starts in the British Virgin Islands. It starts at this address: Akara Building 24 De Castro Street Wickhams Cay I, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, where a company by the name of Marswin International Limited resided.


Marswin International is the sole member of the private foundation named Dashwood Foundation. But lets go back to Marswin. One shareholder from 1/11/2011 was a Mr. FERDINAND VENAZA HERNANDEZ, now we do not know who he is, and we need your help, to see if we can put a face to this name. He could be Filipino, Spanish, South American, we simply do not know. He could be a businessman, a banker, a lawyer, an accountant, a money launderer or possibly a drug trafficker, again we simply do not know, hence we ask for your help locate this man and give him a face.

One of the other Shareholders are our dear friends Freemont Holdings Limited who are linked to the Seychelles. The intermediary are another of our dear friends Freemont Limited who are cited a 100 times in the Panama Papers.

The Directors of Freemont Holding Ltd were George Harvey Rupert who is linked to 80 Sidney Street five times. Christos Tyropolis, linked to 80 Sidney Street twice and Mr Rayan (Darcillo) Ebardo, also linked twice to 80 Sidney Street (click on the links at Companies House). You can see from the evidence below they were Directors – See the middle of the two pages.


So we start in the British Virgin Islands, then to Panama, then to the Seychelles, Cyprus and Luxembourg, through Holland (in some cases) and then to 80 Sidney Street Folkestone Kent United Kingdom.

Both George Harvey Rupert and Rayan (Darcillo) Ebardo were directors in  HJC Interim Limited along with Toine Manders to give him his short name.


Toine Manders (pictured) the former Chairman of the Dutch Libertarian Party(pictured) who appears in the Panama Papers who “see’s it as your moral duty to evade your taxes as much as possible.”  Manders is awaiting trial for allegedly being involved in a criminal organisation and charges of tax evasion.

There were 12 companies, possibly more, whose sole shareholder was Dashwood Foundation and were set up by HJC Group or companies directly related to it. They were:

A-Man Cyprus Holdings Limited,  Armadale Europe LimitedAtlantic Ocean Assets Limited Dordraci Limited,  Golden Coast Europe Limited,  Greyville Limited,  Jupiter Enterprises Limited,  Mildred Limited,  Perfect Traders Limited,  Samantha Beheer Limited,  Vernon Europe Limited and La-Ka Cyprus Limited

what did these companies do in the UK? Buy property, boats, business, we simply do not know. If you,  or anyone you know ever did business with one of these companies please do get in contact, as we’d love to put a name to the Shareholder FERDINAND VENAZA HERNANDEZ and the other unknown Shareholder who is simply named as the The Bearer

We can be contacted at

Many of the companies set up at 80 Sidney Street; which is according to the Land Registry, owned by one dead man and another who may well be dead, were set up or went through Haags Juristen College who were based here in Holland and where now Ostrea Lawyers are based and are connected to 15 Alexandria Corniche via Ostrea Corporate Services UK Limited.  HJC later moved to this address which shows their links to the Freemont Group in Cyprus and Dubai


So a long a winding road across seven or more countries to get 80 Sidney Street. We need to know what went on here. We need to know if it was tax avoidance (legal), tax evasion, money laundering, proceeds from drug trafficking, enabling terrorism, property buying, or anything else. It matters because if it was something nefarious then perhaps just perhaps the tax man could claw the money back.

It’s not just Google,  Starbucks, Amazon, Ebay, Vodafone, British American Tobacco, Tate & Lyle, Vedanta Resources or Npower, who have avoided paying tax in the UK, there are many companies at 80 Sidney Street which probably have avoided it as well. With a National Debt  closing in on nearly two trillion, we need every penny we can get.

There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. We do not intend to suggest or imply that any persons, companies or other entities included in this blog post have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly.


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