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twitterUPDATE: The Car has now been MOT’d, but still no tax showing according to DVLA

Ex Conservative Shepway District Councillor David Wimble (pictured), editor and sole owner of the The Looker, the editor who sanctioned the headline about  Cllr Peter Simmons  that said ” This Man is a Joke ‘I would laugh, if it was not so tragic!“. The man who believes in “local news, local views, for local people, by local people,” is as of this morning driving around in his Blue Land Rover, with his personalised number plate W15 BLE without any MOT and without any valid road tax according to DVLA. As you can see from the image below, he has been driving without Road Tax since Nov 1 2016 and without an MOT since the 1st Oct 2016.


Many local people have written to us to inform us of their disgust,that a man in such a prominent position within his community, should be breaking the law for so long and so flagrantly.

According to

“Under s143 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 it is an offence to use (or permit to be used) a motor vehicle on a road or other public place when there is not in force in relation to the use of the vehicle such a policy of insurance in respect of third party risks as complies with the Road Traffic Act.

Section 47 (1) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 states that it is an offence for anyone to drive, or allow or cause to be driven, a vehicle which requires, but does not have, a valid Ministry of Transport test certificate.

By law, it’s an offence to drive a vehicle on a public road in the UK without road tax.”

Now here’s the rub a lack of MOT invalidates his insurance, if he has any, making him liable for any costs from an accident. Ex Cllr Wimble uses the car to deliver the Looker across the district and for other business and personal reasons. We believe that the health and safety of any individual has been, is being or is likely to be endangered if David Wimble continues to drive the car.

We understand the Chief of Kent Police – Alan Pughsley and District Commander of Folkestone & Ashford Police Station , Chief Inspector Ken Elmes have been informed, but nothing has been done. We understand, that our local  road Police must catch him in the act, so if you see on the road people you know what to do.


Ex Cllr Wimble has had his problems of late, as where he was formerly renting office space for The Looker on New Romney High Street,  the company was asked to leave to the property as they had breached  Lease covenants.

Also while sitting as a Cllr for the people of New Romney David Wimble received a summons to court for no payment of Council Tax – (FOI response from SDC).

It is all well and good that ex Cllr David Wimble call sitting Cllr Peter Simmons a “Joke”, but driving with no MOT, no Road Tax and thus no valid insurance puts the lives of other road users and pedestrians at risk. God forbid that he should have any sort of accident and seriously injure himself or anyone else. So come on David sort it out please and get legal.


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  1. Silent Night // February 10, 2017 at 08:54 // Reply

    The man is a Hypocrite in my honest opinion. There he sits creating headlines about others when he is plainly committing a criminal offence/s himself. He should be ashamed of himself. If he hit my child and injured them, there’d be no telling what I’d do to him. I think that might go for many other parents down here on Romney Marsh.

  2. What has the Romney Marsh Knacker been doing, or does the old trouser leg pull work nicely?

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