Shepway District Council Councillors Expenses & Allowances, April 1st 2012 – Dec 31st 2016.

Piles Of Money

We have followed on from the theme of all KCC Cllrs expenses & allowances with all Shepway District Council Cllrs expenses and allowances claims for April 1st 2012 through to Dec 31st 2016. During this time there has been an election in May 2015, so have split the expenses and allowances into two (1) April 1st 2012 – May 6th 2015 & (2) May 7th – 31st Dec 2016. Cllrs pay PAYE on their allowances and the rules governing this can be found here. Some of the Cllrs mentioned below who are still sitting SDC Cllrs, will also stand in the forthcoming KCC on Thursday May 7th 2017. We will bring you a list of names, when they are published in the near future.

All data comes from SDC’s website

chart 2012 - May 2015

The bottom five are Co-optees.

In May 2015 Cllrs allowances rose to £5100. They awarded themselves a 32% pay rise in January 2016 and this was backdated to May 7th 2015. Also the number of Cllrs was reduced from 47 to 30 in May 2015.

chart 2

The bottom 4 are co-optees.

The above are the Cllrs who will vote tonight (22/03/2107) to begin the process of SDC possibly becoming a Super Council. Ashford Brough Council have dropped out as the leader Cllr Gerry Clarkson said he would not join due to the other four councils “financial woes“.

graph 1

Cllr Carol Sacre (UKIP) and Cllr Susie (Hardnut) Govett are the Cllrs who claim the least against Cllr David Monk & Hollingsbee who claim the most.

Cllr Susan Carey (Con) along with Cllr Frank McKenna (UKIP) are SDC Cllrs and KCC Cllrs and have been since May 2013.

bigpic  bigpic (1)

Cllr McKenna has collected £56,952.60 for his combined expenses from KCC & SDC. This is an average of £1,265.61 per month for 45 months.

Cllr Carey’s joint expenses are as follows:


So an average of £3,456.37 a month, each month for 45 months. So Cllr Carey earnt nearly three times as much as Cllr McKenna each month. Is she value for money?

carey 2

Are Cllrs worth the money? Do they reply to you when you contact them? Do they, have they, helped you as a constituent? Do they listen to you and act on your concerns? Or are we the people of Shepway so often ignored and the concerns of their party put ahead of the concerns of the people? We’ll leave you to decide that.

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  1. Your Post is entitled ‘Expenses’. Are these figures expenses or do they include the allowances due to Council members? If they are indeed simply expenses I would suggest that all figures above, say, £10,000 should be subject to public scrutiny and any spurious claims be refunded to the public purse.

    Susan Carey seems to have collected considerable sums allowing the purchase of many pies which may explain a lot.

  2. This is why there is not any care for the elderly as it all goes on there expenses, it is disgusting

  3. S’nout better than Porcine Counciliars with their noses in the trough.

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