When the Facts Change, I Change My Mind. What Do You Do?

“When the facts change, I change my mind” said John Maynard Keynes. Well the facts have changed. What we thought we knew about the Otterpool Park development has now become what we know about the Otterpool Park.


Cllr David Drury Monk our four time failed ex double glazing salesman has been more than economical with the truth. He has lied to us all about Otterpool Park.

We know Highways England have spent £4,326,962.00 so far,  on consultants for the Disneyland sized Lorry Park and not a single ounce of concrete has been laid yet.  Nor will it hopefully, if the Judicial Review regarding the Lorry Park wins in June 2017.

We know that Shepway District Council have spent over £500,000 on Princes Parade and paid £1.5 million to a convicted criminal for land at Biggins Wood, Cheriton.


These facts helped me change my mind. They changed my mind so much I decided to stand in the forthcoming KCC elections on May 4th for the Folkestone West Division. I personally do not want to see a man such as Cllr David Drury Monk  (pictured) elected as the voters will be getting a man who is known to tell porky pies.

On Saturday at 10.30 am, a fourth rally will take place in Hythe to protest against Shepway District Council desire to build 26,292 homes across our beautiful district.  Local people do not wish to see their countryside, concreted over by offshore companies working in conjunction with SDC. They’re not nimbys. They just do not want 12,000 homes on their doorstep in Sellindge, or 14,292 houses built across the district, or 150 homes and a leisure centre built on the green space at Princes Parade. Would you?

What they want is for their elected representatives to listen to them, engage with them and find a sensible solution. But alas, the Conservative led administration at SDC do not want to listen, or take on board the concerns of worried voters.

So if there is development happening where you live in Shepway, be it Romney Marsh, Elham, Lyminge,  Sellindge, Hythe, Cheriton or Folkestone, bring your drums your whistles and your banners and meet up with like minded people, in Douglas Avenue in Hythe. The Rally,  starts at 10.30am.


If you care as I care about our environment, whether it be in Folkestone West Division or our beautiful district, then make sure on May 4th you Vote Rylands if you live in the Folkestone West Division, or use your postal vote to Vote Rylands. Many Thanks.


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  1. We all know that Cllr. Monk has a problem with differentiating truth from lie. “There are no plans to develop this land”, Lie number one. ” Emily Arnold can use her SDC allowance to qualify her to stand for Town”. Discrepancy No 2. I could go on but fear sleep may envelop you.

    The upshot is that you should not trust this man. He uses invective and the basic of lack of informed input to put his case.

    Donald Trump got elected, please do not this happen here!

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