19 Castle Hill Avenue Part 2

19-castle-hill-aveA little over a year ago, the Shepwayvox Team brought you a story about 19 Castle Hill Avenue, (pictured) we informed you that Shepway District Council (SDC) had invested into the Property, along with Wellesley Finance PLC.

The property has seven flats and will sit snugly into Oportunitas Ltd ever growing property portfolio.

SDC had a  charge created by an interim charging order at the County Court in Canterbury dated 25 June 2015 in favour of SDC’s Corporate Debt Team (Court Reference B00CT485).

On May 5th the  New Cabinet Member Dick Pascoe (pictured below) – Cabinet Member for Property Management and Environmental Health  in his final act as director of Oportunitas Ltd signed the paperwork to buy 19 Castle Hill Avenue. This was witnessed by also another new Cabinet Member Cllr Ann Berry (pictured below) -Cabinet Member for Transport and Commercial –   and former director of Oportunitas Ltd.

Pascoe    berry

As it stands, the price is not yet available on the land register, as that process only begun on the 19th May and the Land Registry had to ask for more information from Shepway, before they can place the new deed (which anyone can purchase for £3) online.

Image for Broker_33658

When we wrote about 19 Castle Hill Avenue before it was then owned by a Mr Paul Edward Hague. However, since then the property was sold and bought by King Winchester 2014 Limited a company registered in Jersey and registered at Jersey’s Companies House. The owners being a Mr & Mrs William & Josephine Sharp who live in Jersey (see page 2). Anyway, the Title deed to 19 Castle Hill Avenue also shows that when Mr & Mrs Sharp bought it, on the 7th September 2016 they also bought 5 Trinity Crescent Folkestone CT20 2ES (pictured) and 49 Beach Street Deal CT14 6HY (below). The price Mr & Mrs Sharp paid

Screenshot from 2017-05-24 08-54-07for all 3 properties was £2.3 million pounds. It is not known yet whether or not Oportunitas has just bought 19 Castle Hill Avenue, but it very much looks that way according to companies house.

So once again SDC do business with an offshore company which is based in a known tax haven. And to give you some idea of how important the finance industry is in Jersey, 42% of the national income of Jersey comes from the sector. Tourism contributes just 4%, and Jersey Royal potatoes and those famous cows a paltry 1%. And taxpayers money is heading Jersey’s way courtesy of SDC and their company Oportunitas Limited

Anyway, on the 11th May, both Cllrs Pascoe and Berry step down from Oportunitas Limited as directors and into their shoes steps Cllr Philip Martin and Cllr Claire Jeffrey (both pictured below). As a director of the company there is a small remuneration on a monthly basis, on top of the allowance Cllrs receive; which we are sure will help Cllr Jeffrey meet her council tax demands

Martin  Jeffrey

So as soon as the new deed goes up online, we’ll let you know how much SDC’s 100% owned company, Oportunitas Ltd  paid for 19 Castle Hill Avenue.

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  1. Cllr. Philip Martin wakes up every morning and thinks ‘ What can I do for my Community?’. He can now think ‘ How do I return the tax to my Country’. Difficult one Phillip when you are dealing with Offshore Companies.

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