We’re All Going On A “Extended Holiday”, No More Worries…

On the 27th June 2006 Apex Conservatory Roofs Systems Ltd was dissolved. According to the last Annual Return filed before the company was dissolved Cllr David Drury Monk  was the Director and the Company Secretary was Mrs Gillian Monk, Cllr Monk’s wife. She was also a company director between 01/04/1999 and  01/03/02 according to Companies House.


On the 12th May 2006 Shepway District Council announced its Forward Plan. Cllr Monk is named. He was Deputy Leader of SDC and Cabinet member for Corporates Services. His adress was The Old Mill Lyminge according to SDC’s website.

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Cllr Monk continues in his position as Deputy Leader through 2006 and early 2007, attending Cabinet, Full Council and other meetings. By the 1st May 2007, Cllr Monk has become Cabinet Member For Finance. His address has changed and he has now moved to 23 Minter Avenue, Densole, according to SDC’s website.

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According to the Land Register Mrs Monk did not buy 23 Minter Avenue until 21st April 2008. Were Mr & Mrs Monk renting?

Cllr Monk was a sitting SDC Councillor between 2006 and 2008. He collected allowances and was not absent without leave, according to SDC’s website.

In a recent interview Mrs Gillian Monk gave to South East Businnes, Editor Christine Rayner, she states:

“In 2006, the medical practice (Premier Healthcare) was taken over by a national company and Gill left because she did not agree with some of the changes it proposed. It was time for a change.

With David ready to retire, the couple agreed on a “life laundry”. They sold their home, cars and furniture (putting essentials into an old shipping container on a farm) and set off for New Zealand for an extended holiday.

“It was the best thing we ever did. I thoroughly recommend anyone to just take stock and follow their heart,” she said. “We returned in January 2008 refreshed and ready for a new challenge.”

According to SDC website this “extended holiday“, doesn’t seem to have happened for Cllr Monk. It appears that Cllr Monk signed papers, attended meetings, dealt with constituents and collected his allowances and expenses for 06/07. In 2007/08 he collected £12,905.

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So Cllr Monk according to his wife, Gillian had up stick’s and left the UK to for an “extended holiday” in New Zealand and returned in Jan 2008.

How long was this “extended holiday“?

Not long enough to cause a by-election because of the six months of non-attendance to meetings rule. So under Six months. Hmmm, SDC’s own published documentation shows Cllr Monk to be here in the UK according to many, many Council Documents throughout late 2006, 2007 and 2008.


Now another strange thing is that SDC’s website declares Cllr Monk’s home address to be on the 1st May 2007  as 23 Minter Avenue, Densole. As we said the Land Register title deed says it became Mrs Monk’s mortgaged home on the 21/04/2008.

So how could David & Gillian (pictured) be in New Zealand and at 23 Minter Avenue Densole?

And why was there not one, but two mortgages on the property at the same time.

This puts the Land Registry at odds with Companies House, SDC’s website and Gillian Monk’s interview about that “extended holiday

And where have we seen evidence of this contradiction before?

In Jan 08, the Monks’s returned to the UK after their “extended holiday” according to Gillian ” refreshed and ready for a new challenge.” They returned to Dymchurch a place called The Nest; which according to Gillian was a “tiny holiday home in New Romney”. The address is given on the title deed for 23 Minter Avenue.

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Between selling their home in Lyminge in 2006 and purchasing 23 Minter Avenue, Densole, Cllr Monk never gave his address as The Nest, Dymchurch as he would have been legally obliged to do so. Strange!!!!

It would appear that Cllr Monk, according to his good wife can be in New Zealand while living at 23 Minter Avenue and or The Nest Dymchurch & trundling along to Council meetings as well as other functions and collecting his allowances and expenses. The documents as we said do not bear out Mrs Monk’s assertions in the interview she gave. But why let facts intrude into history?

The reality is the documents from SDC, the Land Registry, Companies, SDC’s website and their documents, all appear to contradict the interview she gave to South East Business. So is Mrs Monk fabricating imaginary experiences as compensation for loss of memory? Or is it something more serious than that?

We’ll leave you to decide that.

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  1. Perhaps he commuted back and forth – can you imagine sitting on a long haul flight next to a Nasty Party Deputy Leader?

  2. I think you are most unfair to use Councillor Monk’s enormous energy and commitment to serve us to criticise him. Our country and our community needs people capable of being in three places at the same time.

  3. Shades of omnipresence here. There is a precedent so why not now?

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