Breaking News: SDC Jeremy Chambers Made Redundant.

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Jeremy Chambers (pictured) Corporate Director – Strategic Operations at Shepway District Council (SDC) has taken redundancy due to a reshuffle of top management at Shepway District Council according to SDC.  Our numerous internal sources have confirmed this within the last 24 hours.

It has been alleged, that Jeremy was placed on gardening leave recently, due to sexual harassment allegations made against him by a female member of staff.

Jeremy began working at SDC in July 2008. In that time he has held four positions eventually climbing to the dizzying heights of Corporate Director in May 2014. He was considered by some to be a contender for Mr Stewart’s top job, when he stood down.

Jeremy finished school in 1990, then fell off the radar for 12 years. He popped up again in June 2002 as a Senior Lawyer – Regeneration, Property & Contracts at Hastings Borough Council. After a brief tenure at Hastings Jeremy moves onto become Solicitor to the Council & Monitoring Officer at Eastbourne Borough Council, before moving to Shepway in 2008.

Jeremy has a Post Graduate Diploma in Law & Legal Practice from De Montfort University 2002/04.

In 2016/17 Jeremy earned £112,536 – including pension contributions.

It is not known at this moment how much his redundancy package will be. We will bring you more as we learn more of the facts.

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6 Comments on Breaking News: SDC Jeremy Chambers Made Redundant.

  1. Did he walk or was he pushed? Perhaps a ‘Mole’ would care to enlighten us.

  2. On his linkedin account….. “I will shortly be looking for my next career move – a local authority chief executive”.

    Note to dumbass: Don’t put career moves on social media

  3. Sex scandal

  4. Nice he’s gone not a nice man like Alistair, old boys club comes to mind . Its said there are rooms in the Civic Centre that only the top boys can use ……..

  5. “Its said there are rooms in the Civic Centre that only the top boys can use”

    Yes, I heard that the “rooms” have a special machine that prints out never-ending expenses receipts, a constant supply of top class food and a trough into which a SDC factorum pours copious quantities of twenty pound notes on an hourly basis

    The rooms are similar for Counciliars with the difference that the trough holds fifty pounds notes.

  6. Several women have complained of sexual harassment – he was pushed.

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