SDC Corporate Director Jeremy Chambers Expenses 2015/16

Jeremy Chambers, a Shepway District Council Corporate Director (below) has been very hospitable on our behalf.

Jeremy Chambers

Jeremy took seven people to lunch on Wednesday 3rd June 2015, at Blooms Folkestone. and we footed the bill, all £254.60 of it.

(All information is taken from inspection of SDC’s accounts. Jeremy’s expenses are below.)

His guests drank Garducci Pino, ate linguine, chicken caesar salad, trawler pie and in all ordered 42 items. They were served at 12.34, when they left is unknown, as the receipt is not included in the documents, even though it was requested to inspect. What were they discussing? Who were they? And what if any business may have been discussed, settled or started over this lunch?

On 23/09/15 Jeremy Chambers pays £81.66 for lunch again and his hospitality extends to another unknown guest. The hospitality took place at Blooms, on Wednesday 23rd Sept 2015. This time the menu shows scotch eggs for starters trawler pie and battered fish for main course, two crumble desserts and drinks. They arrive at 13.23 and pay the bill at 15:06. So approximately 90 minute lunch, for Jeremy and his guest. What were they discussing, over an hospitable lunch?

There is no such thing as public money. There is only Taxpayers money

Your taxpayers money; which you pay through Council Tax, your wages, goods and services and which Jeremy spends on being hospitable on our behalf. He’s lovely isn’t he?

Did Jeremy Chambers turn £336.26 worth of hospitality into business where SDC earned an income? Or was his hospitality for contracts which would draw on the expenditure of the council?

On June 30th, – 2nd July 2015, Jeremy, along with Cllrs David Monk and Jennifer Hollingsbee, make their way to Harrogate for the Local Government Association Conference 2105.  There is one cost noted for Jeremy and that is £266.75, whether this is his hotel bill, is not clear.

He attends the Solace Conference with Corporate Director Dr Susan Priest on the 7th – 9th Oct 2015 at a cost of £495 + £99 VAT, and Susan cost £345 + £69 VAT. Jeremy’s Hotel, The Connaught Hotel (Best Western), exactly where Susan stayed, cost £230.

Jeremy visited the Roffey Park Institute (below)

 twice at the cost of £2635 on each occasion, plus £1581 for VAT. A grand total of £6851. So what did he learn at the Roffey Park Institute, well Leading in a Digital Age.

Now of course, like his colleagues, Alistair Stewart and Dr Susan Priest, he too collects Clubcard and Nectar points at taxpayers expense when he fills up.

Jeremy began working at SDC in July 2008. In that time he has held four positions eventually climbing to the dizzying heights of Corporate Director in May 2014. Is he a contender for Mr Stewart’s throne?

Jeremy finished school in 1990, then goes off radar for 12 years. He pops up again in June 2002 as a Senior Lawyer – Regeneration, Property & Contracts at Hastings Borough Council. After a brief tenure at Hastings Jeremy moves onto become Solicitor to the Council & Monitoring Officer at Eastbourne Borough Council, before moving to Shepway in 2008.

Jeremy has a Post Graduate Diploma in Law & Legal Practice from De Montfort University 2002/04 

Jeremy appears to be a very hospitable host on our behalf, it must be hungry work.

If you fancy lunch with our hospitable host Jeremy Chambers, please do contact him to see if he is free, at

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  1. He should go and get a job as a Euro MP .Oh hang on I just remembered,as we decided to tell Merkel and Co where to stick they’re Eurpoean Union there will be a massive influx of more economic migrants who have lost their jobs in Brussels.People just like Jeremy Chambers.

  2. Jermemy’s expenses appear modest when compared to those of Alistair Stewart, seems Jeremy can bag a bargain whilst Alistair Stewart is left floundering.

    When we come to Roffey Park I have misgivings. What were we paying for? And what results did we get?

  3. Mortimer // July 13, 2016 at 21:39 // Reply

    Sadly not yet been able to look through any of the accounts but wanted to alert you from my business experience on the issue of Clubcard or Nectar points that officers and councillors do not fill up their vehicles at the expense of us tax payers. Councils do not pay fuel bills only a mileage claim for any official business miles – not sure what current level of pence per mile for councils but sure it would be in officers or councillors codes of conduct. The fuel receipts are required though to be submitted as VAT receipts for fuel used are needed to allow councils or businesses to recover the VAT element of mileage allowances from HM Revs and Customs who can also request these as part of an audit inspection. So whether or not they collect points when they fill up is a personal matter. Cheers.

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