Has Damian Collins MP Lied?

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Folkestone East Family Practice (FEFP) had 4824 patients as of Jan 2017. As of the 1st Nov 2017, FEFP will be closed. These patients will need to be moved to other GP Surgeries around the district. However we know that GP Surgeries are closed in Folkestone due to safety reasons. Last week  Damian Collins MP for Folkestone & Hythe put out information on his website which informed the public and the patients of FEFP that

  • “So far over 1500 people have been successfully moved from the list of the Folkestone East Family Practice to new surgeries…” 


Patient Numbers for Shepway GP Surgeries Jan 2017.


However, in an email received by our public face from Karen Benbow (pictured) Chief Operating Officer, NHS South East Kent Coast CGG she has stated:

  • The process for registering and allocating patients from Folkestone East Family Practice will begin next week (25th Sept), once patients have received a letter from the CCG confirming the next steps they should take to ensure that they are registered  with a GP from the 1st Nov. 

The response from Karen Benbow is unequivocal, no patients have been moved as of her response. This has also been confirmed by senior GP’s in and around the district.

Mrs Benbow goes onto say:

  • Around 1,000 patients will be able to choose to register directly with one of four practices that are welcoming new patients (as long as they live in the catchment areas) These practices are:

  • The White House Surgery Cheriton – 9904 patients as of Jan 17

  • New Lyminge Surgery – 4008 patients as of Jan 2017

  • The Surgery Lyminge – 2572 patients as of Jan 2017

  • White Cliffs Medical Practice Dover

Mrs Benbow continues in her email, stating:

  • The CCG is holding three registration drop-in events to support the process. The remaining patients (approx 3,800) are being asked to complete a form and will then be allocated to a GP Practice in Folkestone. For further details see the CCG’s website here.

We have been informed by patients of FEFP who have tried to join some of the practices that they have been turned away.

Karen Benbow has 20 years expereince working in the NHS and has a wide range of senior commissioning, contracting and assurance roles in London & East Kent.

Damian Collins worked for MC Saatchi advertising Agency, before becoming an MP.

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So the question has to go out to Damian Collins (pictured), MP for Folkestone & Hythe, having regard to Karen Benbow’s and the Senior GP’s responses.

Have you told the truth when you stated that 1500 patients have been moved just last week?

We know who we believe, but we’ll leave you the good people of Shepway to make up your own mind.

The Shepwayvox Team.


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2 Comments on Has Damian Collins MP Lied?

  1. The rather nicely rounded figure of 1500 is probably an “aspiration”….

  2. I would expect such invention from the Corbyn camp but not from our MP. My understanding is that we would struggle to achieve double figures, let alone thousands. Was Damian ill-advised, or had he been at the Sherry?

    The truth should alert SDC that their frenetic building programme is not sustainable even before we consider Water, Sewerage, Transport, and all the rest.

    Our Children will have to cope with the fall-out from Brexit, why saddle them with local deprivation as well?

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