Kent Names In The Paradise Papers

He was an accountant to a galaxy of stars before he was sentenced to five years in prison, in Jan 2016, for evading £6 million in tax.

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On the fifth of November 2017, The Paradise Papers were released to the world and one name, Denis Christopher Lund (pictured) was in the papers, along with 127 names and addresses from Kent. Mr Lund was sentenced to prison, but not because he appeared in the Paradise Papers.

At the end of this post we have provided a downloadable spreadsheet, where you can see the names, address and the companies all 128 are linked to in overseas tax haven jurisdictions, along with the url in the Paradise Papers database.


Also in the Kent section of the Paradise Papers is former Emeritus Professor Ian Swingland OBE of the University of Kent (pictured).

Professor Swingland took part in a £60 million tax-dodging scheme which used climate change projects, a court heard in Sept 2016.  Swingland OBE, 69, allegedly took part in a three-year scam which helped wealth investors avoid tax on £170 million worth of income. Professor Swingland founded the Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology in 1989 at the University of Kent.

What is so ironic about Professor Swingland is that both he and The Queen, to whom he gave advice in 2012, both appear in the Paradise Papers.

It is known that seven tax haven jurisdictions were used by Kent Residents who appear in the Paradise Papers. Bermuda is No 1 in the list.

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Professor Swingland is not the only former University of Kent Emeritus Professor who turns up in the Paradise Papers. The papers also name David Welch. Professor Welch (pictured) is a historian who specialises in twentieth century political propoganda, according to the University of Kent’s website.

Unlike last years leak of the Panama Papers which exposed illegal tax evasion, the Paradise Papers have NOT uncovered criminality. Instead, they reveal a state of mind where it is entirely normal to ignore what most citizens regard as the wider obligations that accompany great good fortune.

Most of the 128 addresses which appear in the Paradise Papers database are based in the West of Kent. Below in postcode order are the 128 addresses. Is a neighbour of yours in the papers? Does someone who lives in your community, your district appear in the papers? If they do, we’d ask you to drop us a line at:

shepwayvox at riseup dot net

Finally, some of the Kent names in the Paradise Papers also appear in the Panama Papers.

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And here is that downloadable spreadsheet

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