NHS land in Kent sold off for housing that nurses can’t afford.

20 pieces of land owned by the NHS in Kent – including Medway have or are in the pipeline to be sold off by the government for housing developments unaffordable to the majority of NHS workers.

Land totalling 11.1 hectares or 27.43 acres has or will be sold for development. The sites which have been sold have pulled in a little over £7 million. The sites where the land has been or will be sold off according to NHS Digital are:

Screenshot from 2018-01-13 00-35-18

The Royal Victoria Hospital Site (Folkestone) which was part of a seven site deal bought by KCC, sold for £400,000 according to NHS Digital.

Some of the NHS land sold in Kent has received planning permission and is already being developed. A good example is the land at

Screenshot from 2018-01-13 01-06-10

Canterbury Ambulance Station bought by Rogate Properties (St Thomas’ Ltd) for £950,000. (pictured)

Stanley House (Chartham) bought by Pentland Homes Ltd for £495,000.

Land at Bob Dunn Way (Dartford) by Persimmon

Alex Stables Alexandra House, Vines Lane, Hildenborough, Tonbridge by private developers

Across the UK, 59 pieces of NHS land have been sold for development between 2015 – 2017. Eighty percent of the homes are out of reach for NHS key workers, with just 10% genuinely affordable social housing, according to the New Economics Foundation.

Of all the homes to be built for sale on NHS land across the UK, four out of five will be unaffordable to a nurse on an average salary so say the New Economics Foundation.

A map produced by the New Economics Foundation for all 59 sites can be viewed here.

And a spreadsheet for all the NHS land in Kent, produced by NHS Digital can be downloaded here

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