The silence of the Stainers?

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We understand that the witness statements in the forthcoming case between Mr & Mrs Stainer (pictured) and David Hammond of CR Childs of Hythe  have been circulated by both parties it would appear.

Mr & Mrs Stainer‘s case will come before the First Tier Property Tribunal on the 24th & 25th Jan 2018 and will be heard at Folkestone Magistrates Court (this coming Wednesday & Thursday 10 am start)

Mr Hammond of CR Childs is the Tribunal-appointed manager and receiver for the Grand. He is pursuing over £160,000 plus interest allegedly owed to the service charge fund at the Grand by Michael and Doris Stainer according to sources very close to Mr Stainer. The hearing on January 24th and 25th is to determine if, and how much, they now owe on their holiday flat empire in unpaid service charges.  These witness statements include two from those in support of the Stainers and those of residents supporting Mr. Hammond, so we are reliably informed.

Michael Stainer Magistrates Court

The content of the witness statements is not what intrigues us.  It’s who has filed witness statements, and who therefore must attend the Tribunal and subject themselves to cross examination.  One would take it for granted that Michael Stainer (pictured above) himself would be first in the queue, after all, he’s highly experienced in matters legal and never scared of appearing before a Judge.

But no!!!! Pro-Stainer witness statements have been filed by Doris Stainer, Robert Richardson  who is General Manager of one of the tenant businesses and two leaseholders.  What?  No Michael Stainer?  No  — not a whisper!

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So, Doris Stainer and Robert Richardson (pictured right) – who was arrested by HMRC and remains on bail since July 2015 and who too signed off the Folkestone & Hythe Conservative Accounts in 2016 & 17 along with former Cllr Russell Tillson (pictured left) – will be subjected to the cross-examination skills of a highly experienced barrister, Adam Rosenthal, who led the case that led to the removal of Stainer and his agent from responsibility for managing the Grand’s residential interests in 2014.  In addition, the residents’ association, AORG, who stand alongside David Hammond in the case, will be entitled to cross-examine Doris Stainer and Robert Richardson and the two other residents.

Not very gentlemanly to leave Doris, his wife, to face the collective anger of leaseholders, lawyers et al.

“Had a good day in Court dear?”  “Thanks a bunch, mein leibling – I was just hung out to dry by my husband.”

Updated May 18 2021 @ 09:10am

Going back over our notes we note both Robert Richardson & Doris Stainer, both mentioned on the record to the tribunal, that Russell Douglas Tillson, stayed at the Grand for free from time to time, received free drinks and meals and took taxi’s home at taxpayers expense. former staff members confirm this as well. Mr Tillson, was contacted for a comment but no reply has been received. Make of that what you will.

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8 Comments on The silence of the Stainers?

  1. It’s encouraging to see that Mr. Richardson has benefited from his years of working for a chartered accountant, Michael Stainer, and is able to sign off on the accounts of the local Conservative Party. I am sure that the accounting expertise he has acquired will prove most useful.

  2. I knew Richardson at school. He was an unsavory character then as well. Seems like old habits die hard

  3. I bet he’s got a “cunning plan” for all this….

  4. Although evidence before this Tribunal will be unsworn, would false evidence/lying be perjury under the Perjury Act? Just asking….

  5. We were right. Stainer was absent due to ‘unavoidable’ circumstances. He was ”making an application” to the Hight Court in London on an ‘unconnected’ matter…….

  6. Latest update: Day 2 — still no sign of Michael Stainer and the Tribunal Judges distinctly unimpressed. Final submissions on Wednesday January 30th at 10.00 am at Folkestone Magistrates Court. Third time lucky??????


    Owner of Grand hotel in Leas, Folkestone Michael Stainer attacked in alcohol theft (26th January – approx 10pm)

    Robert Richardson……. said:
    “It was a normal day like any other in the private area of Mr Stainer’s home when he went in the store room and disturbed two men.”
    “They could have just walked past him but they were animals and gave him a severe beating, his injuries were bruises, broken eye socket and broken cheek bone.”
    “When he went into the store room he was just stunned, there was some grabbing, then the CCTV shows the fight moved off-screen.”

    A police spokesman said: “Two intruders were disturbed by a member of staff in the office of a hotel.
    “One of the intruders punched the member of staff in the face as they made off.”
    “The victim, a man in his 70s, suffered a fractured eye socket and cheekbone.”

    • “Owner” “Hotel” —– what price accuracy in the local press? Perhaps they regard this as a ‘trivial’ deviation from the truth.

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