Winding-up Stainer.

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Since 2003 somebody has been winding up Mr. Michael Stainer (pictured). His companies have been wound up no less than six times. On all six occasions the petition to wind-up Mr Stainer’s companies was taken by HMRC and Speedy Hires Centres (Southern) Ltd on 1 occasion.

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On 2 March 2005 by the Commissioners of Inland Revenue, (The Tax Man) of Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 1LB, presented the same company, Kentish Apartments Ltd with a petition to wind up the company.

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On the 27th April 2005 a Winding-up order; which began with the petition presented on the 2nd March 2005 by HMRC -The Tax man, was passed to the official receiver. (See above)

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For 10 long years Michael Stainer wondered the wilderness, not being wound up by anyone. Then on the the 18 July 2016 HMRC presented another petition to wind up the Grand Folkestone Ltd.

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The Grand Folkestone Ltd a company in which Michael Stainer was the sole director. His wife Doris Stainer was company secretary, The Grand Folkestone Ltd is the company which sparked the raid on the Grand in July 2015 by HMRC. On that day, Mr Robert William Brian Richardson, General Manager of the Grand, was arrested at his home in Barham. At the same time Mr Michael Stainer and his wife Doris Stainer of the Grand, were being rudely awoken by HMRC. All three were arrested and released pending further inquiries. (Michael Stainer is NOT the owner of The Grand just a mere director)

Following the liquidation of the Grand Folkestone Ltd in Sept 2016, the five remaining companies featured in the 2015 court case at the Royal Courts of Justice on the 11th June 2015.

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The judgment was released on the 25th Feb 2016. Judge Rachel Short states:

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Notices of “petitions to Wind Up” Keppels Ltd, Keppels Catering Ltd, Kentish Cuisine Ltd and The Grand-UK Ltd all appear in the Gazette, the official Government record of all insolvencies between the 6th Sept and 13th September 2017. The Petition to Wind-up was filed by HMRC as a consequence of the ongoing saga of Michael Stainer’s tax affair; which might be worth a PhD. Just for the record, Robert William Brian Richardson was director of two of these companies until the end of July 2015.

Mr Stainer (pictured) told a  Kentonline Reporter:

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immediately after his arrest in July 2015.


In Jan 18, we reported that according to the accounts files in Dec 2017 these four companies showed an amount falling due to creditors within the year of £298,072, as of March 20th 2017. We can now add in the HMRC debt in excess of 814,000 so making £1,112,072. Also we cannot forget that Tribunal-appointed manager, David Hammond,of CR Childs has sought to recover over £165,000 in historic unpaid service charges owed by Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stainer on their 19 holiday lets. So that takes the Grand total to £1,277,072. Is there more to come…

If you are a local supplier/trader an employee, a former employee who is owed any money by the following companies; Keppels Ltd, Keppels Catering Ltd, Kentish Cuisine Ltd The Grand-UK Ltd then we urge you to contact Mr Adrian Dante of MacIntyre Hudson, Maidstone, as soon as possible.

We doubt if Mr Stainer, his wife, or Robert Richardson will provide any answers to us, but the facts are indisputable, they are welcome to respond civilly.

The Shepwayvox Team.

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  1. It just amazes me that this situation has gone for as long as it has done.

    I can’t help but wonder whether this is all going to come to a crashing end soon?

    Or maybe he has more Cunning Plans up his sleeve that will stump HMRC and make legal case history that others will avidly study?

    And is there some hidden meaning as to why he’s putting himself through all this?

  2. No wonder Richardson didn’t know who he was employed by when cross-examined in the Property Tribunal at the end of January. Must have a serious identity crisis with all those dubious IDs, companies collapsing around him……..

  3. Might I ask was Mr Stainer not once a Conservative Council on dearly belovid SDC? If I recall correctly he might have been leader even?

    • Don’t think so.. It was his brother Mark Stainer who was on SDC..

      The Folkestone Herald reported on the 19th Sept 1984 that SDC had taken him to court under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 on charge of alleged for harassment

      And then on the 24th September 1984 – the same newpaper reported the a “Rebel Tory” faces probe by the Police apparently over a Planning Application possibly in connection with 33 AUGUSTA GARDENS RTM COMPANY LIMITED.

      In a letter to the Herald Mark Stainer alleged that here was a strong Tory Party whip within the Nasty Party then and also accused then cLrr John Hallett of using the “political angle to futher his own cause”.

      Plus ça change

  4. Stainer’s “role with Eurotunnell’? He was campaigning to retain the shareholder perk of cheap travel to France. Surely he wasn’t suggesting in his evidence that he worked for Eurotunnell. Let’s check the transcript.

  5. “For much of the relevant time he [Mr. Stainer] was fully engaged in his work with EuroTunnel”. These are the words of the Judge in summing up. Was she misled? Confused? What did Stainer actually say?

    • Daily Torygraph – 2014

      ‘My twenty years of crossing the channel for £1’
      An early Eurotunnel shareholder dined in Boulogne every day and enjoyed free litres of spirits on £1 trips to France

      Michael Stainer, proprietor of the Grand Hotel in Folkestone, bought 1,500 Eurotunnel shares in November 1987 for £5,250, and was guaranteed unlimited travel for just £1 per journey.

      Since then, the 66-year-old has travelled to France hundreds of times, even making the roundtrip three times in one day, when he realised he forgot to pick up certain groceries. …….

      To encourage new customers, every driver and passenger was given a free litre of spirit, and Mr Stainer would fill his car with eight people to make best use of the gifts.

      “It took me ten years to use up that supply of booze”, said Mr Stainer. “Ten years of giving it away as Christmas presents.”

      Eurotunnel also helped Mr Stainer to escape a costly moving bill when he drove his German wife’s belongings from the continent to home in Folkestone—all for £1.

  6. If you want a real laugh, check out the accounts filed on January 30th 2005 for Kentish Apartments Ltd. The last paragraph signed by Michael Stainer, who is of course a chartered accountant, and company secretary stated:

    “There was a recorded loss of £175,141 for the financial period [year ending 31st March 2014] under review. The directors consider the company’s current financial position as shown in these accounts to be satisfactory.”

    On the 27th April 2005, the company was formally wound up on the petition of HMRC.

    No comment!!!!!

  7. Geoffrey // March 7, 2018 at 14:11 // Reply

    To be fair to Mr Richardson he’s always been helpful to me. Now he’s standing down from the Grand I wish him well for future endeavours. Iwonder if his successor has seen this, she might rethink her career choice.

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