Incompetence? You decide.

Piles Of Money

The beancounters at Folkestone & Hythe District Council have outdone themselves this year. Yet again Councillors allowances and expenses now show three different figures for the total amount they received.

On May 9th we published a post showing two sets of figures which the Council had published on their website. Now in the draft accounts 2017/18 the Council have  published yet another figure of £325,000.

According to the yearly figure published by the council on the 3rd of May and signed of by Dr Susan Priest, the sum Cllrs received in expenses and allowances for 2017/18 was –  Yearly-Figure-£314,703.81

The quarterly figures published by the Council state:

Q1-£80547.50 +

Q2-£77169.64 +

Q3-£80537.57 +

Q4-£79112.52  = £317,367.23 – that’s a difference of £2,663.42, between the two sets of figures published by the Council.

However, in the statement of accounts 2017/18 the figures there state Cllrs received £325,000:

Screenshot from 2018-06-01 09-44-47

So you can no doubt understand our confusion. Three different figures now exist and neither we nor you know which one is correct.

How is it the beancounters at Folkestone & Hythe District Council cannot arrive at just one figure for our Cllrs Allowances & expenses? Surely this can’t be that difficult can it?

So we would ask the Council, which figure is correct:

  • £314703.81  – yearly figure total

  • £317,367.23 – quarterly figure total

  • £325,000 – statement of accounts total

Oh and we are still waiting on that Councillors allowances and expenses investigation to conclude.

Is this incompetence? We’ll leave you to decide that.

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2 Comments on Incompetence? You decide.

  1. All very confusing…

    But hang on…. When you remember SDC’s strict adherence to the “Peter Principle” namely that “people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their level of incompetence” then this situation suddenly becomes prefectly clear and completely expected.

    Problem solved?

  2. petertheteacher // June 5, 2018 at 13:46 // Reply

    Why bring me into it 🙂

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