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Parking is an issue which many of you feel strongly about. Folkestone & Hythe District Council state there has been a substantial increase from on street & off street parking and an increase in penalty notices. (Who says drivers are not cash cows for councils?). However, the Shepwayvox Team are a little confused, here’s why

Inserted is Note 28 page 64 of the Draft Statement of Accounts, it speaks about “On street parking.”

At both Overview & Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday 12th June and at Cabinet on Wednesday 13th June 2018 report C/18/08 was presented to Cllrs. At Page 36 of the report. it states

At Note 2.8 of the Cabinet Papers (pg 37) it states:

The Draft accounts show a decrease of £49,000 year on year for income relating to on street parking, not a substantial increase, as quoted. We know there are some very clever and very creative accountants out there who might be able to explain how a decrease of £49,000 might become a substantial increase.

If you do perchance have a answer please do drop us a line at shepwayvox@riseup dot net.

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  1. The books are either being “cooked” or there are some very incompetent people at work in the Finance department. They should remember that false accounting is a criminal offence – ref section 17 Theft Act 1968.

  2. Lean Dipstick // July 25, 2018 at 16:29 // Reply

    On street and off street parking in FHDC area is all about winners and losers. The winners are the parking service provider company and shareholders while the losers are the local residents and town centre businesses.

  3. Look at Kent live . London parking hit men and lady’s making local parking Look like saint’s

  4. Local parking officers on min wage. London hit team from Enfield on 3 pound an hour more . Look at Gillespies pub video of Enfield team destroying local officers credibility. Needs to go back in house

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