A distinct lack of substance in the local Tory Party.

Dire Straits is what it is, financial dire straits to be precise. In a meeting of the local executive of Folkestone & Hythe Conservative Association on Friday 28th Sept 2018, held at the Grand – Folkestone, candidates for the forthcoming May 2019 district elections were told they’d have to pay for their own election leaflets. This is not a new phenomena. In 2017 (page 11) Conservative candidates for the Kent County Council elections and the single district by-election were asked to pay for their election leaflets.

So how has it come to this? We have spoken to various local Conservative sources, who have made it clear that they do not have faith in the leadership at district level .  Therefore they say, “we will not assist or contribute towards the election literature for the May 2019 district elections”.

Some sources went as far as singling out Cllr David Monk’s leadership which they described as style over substance.

After full council on the 19th September we understand from a number of sources that Cllr Monk was heard being verbally aggressive towards the Council’s Head of Paid Service’s Dr Susan Priest (pictured below left), regarding the Opposition business raised by Cllr Ian Meyers and Cllr Len Laws of the UKIP group.

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We fail to understand why no investigation into his behaviour has begun. Is the failed double glazing salesman such a frightening tyrant? Is he allowed to be a bully to the most senior member of Council staff without any consequences whatsoever? This inappropriate behaviour by Cllr Monk to Dr Priest should be investigated as a matter of urgency by the Monitoring Officer, Amandeep Khroud (pictured above right), or does Cllr Monk scare her too?

We know that at present Hythe Conservatives have managed to persuade only three Cllrs to stand for the Hythe Town Council, elections, also to take place in May 2019. This means they are three Cllr’s short  as they wish to field at least six candidates, but no other candidates are forthcoming. We wonder why not?

The May elections are way off at the moment and things could so easily change, but many of the sources we spoke to were adamant, no money all the time Monk stays in power. Will he change, we don’t know, but what’s that common saying about leopards and spots.

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2 Comments on A distinct lack of substance in the local Tory Party.

  1. Tory Party in “financial dire straits”?

    Selwyn a “frightening tyrant….bully”

    Nasty Party sources stating “we will not assist or contribute towards the election literature for the May 2019 district elections” because they’re scared of “…..the policies being played out locally, eg Princes Parade, Otterpool Park etc….”


    And bullying the Opposition Party? Is he really so scared of them because they ask questions that Selwyn’s mob daren’t?

    Reckon you’re looking at a Nasty Party wipeout in May 2019 then Selwyn?

  2. Given the headline, they chose the perfect location!! A serial failure of a businessman with multiple failures under his belt, a fantasist of a manager supporting him, hundreds of thousands of both personal and business debt….

    I hope they got a receipt for their hospitality.

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