The Horn Street Stench.


On March 24th 2015 Shepwayvox was born. It was said in the very first post, by the solitary member and writer at that time who is now, our public face, somewhere down the line shit would hit the fan regarding planning application Y14/0300/SH – Shorncliffe Garrison (pictured).  His prophecy has become reality.  He made it clear then that Southern Water who had said in a letter to Shepway District Council on the 16/06/2014

there is currently inadequate capacity in the local network to provide foul sewage disposal to service the proposed development

Now it has come to pass that the shit has hit the fan. Residents who live along Horn Street, which runs between Tesco’s Cheriton and The Fountain Pub Seabrook have made the Horn Street stench known to BBC Southeast; who on their website on Oct 5th 2018 have said:

  • Residents of a new housing estate in Folkestone have complained about the way they have been treated by the developer, after five months of problems with the sewer system.

  • It has meant daily visits by a lorry to suck excess sewage away, to prevent it from backing up into their properties. They say it causes smells, and disturbance.

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  • The issue is around the size of the pipework installed on Horn Street (Cheriton).

  • Developers Taylor Wimpy have apologised and the water company, Southern Water, say it is working with them to fix the fault, but haven’t said when it will be sorted out.

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 The “”new housing estate in Folkestone” is part of the Shorncliffe Garrison development, Y14/0300/SH.

These are the Cllrs who took the decision on the 24th March 2015, to allow the application to go ahead, see here.

Stepping back in time, Sandgate Parish Council on the 30th June 2014  objected to the development and they too raised the issue of the sewer system, like Southern Water and our public face.

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These concerns we re-iterated in the South Cheriton Action Group whose committee is made up of the following people.

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On the 3rd July Folkestone Town Council, in part also objected because of the drainage/sewage system.

Enough concerns were raised regarding the “inadequate capacity in the local network to provide foul sewage disposal to service the proposed development.” but alas the likes of Cllr Monk, Pascoe, Berry, Wilkins and Wimble et al, paid no heed and voted Y14/0300/SH for approval. The total number of people and organisations consulted was 476. The Council received 63 Objections and two supporting the development.

Now for those residents affected by the smell under The Environmental Protection Act 1990 Part III, S79, S80 and especially s82  enables Private Citizens, the residents affected, to take their own private action directly to a Magistrates Court. This is done using exactly the same law used by Environmental Health Officers – the Environmental Protection Act 1990, but uses a different section – Section 82.

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So if residents came together via the South Cheriton Action Group, they have a right and a power to bring a private action against the developer and ensure the issue is resolved.

The District Council has failed the residents as has Taylor Wimpey and the opportunity for the residents to take legal action exists, the question is will they.

If you are one of the residents affected please do contact us at:


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  1. Fantastic Site, we have issues, pop over and see us, be glad to share video’s and pics, as would neighbours.

  2. This, as with any new large development, was always to be an issue. Also water supply, service infrastructure and traffic management. Council and Developers were advised in advance but, it would seem, chose to ignore such advice.

    I see no benefit as to existing residents being consulted when their concerns are ignored by Developers and Council..

    Maybe, someone with sufficient available funds, would like to bring a ‘Class Action. against both Taylor Wimpey and District Council for allowing this go-ahead when infrastructure had not been properly addressed at the outset. I would sign up to that.


    If the residents cannot get a resolution from Folkestone Council and the developers they should make a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman.

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