Betrayed by East Kent Housing

Arthur is 86. He has served in our armed forces and has been betrayed by one of his ward Cllrs, by Cllr Alan Ewart- James Cabinet member for Housing (pictured below left), by Damian Collins MP (below right), Deborah Upton Chief Exec of East Kent Housing, Mark Anderson Director of Property East Kent Housing and Matt Gough Director of Customer Services East Kent Housing.

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Arthur is just out of hospital and suffers from some life threatening illnesses. He lives in Hythe in a council flat. East Kent Housing contractors attended Arthur’s flat over a year ago and bashed his bathroom to “buggery” and then left because they did not know the best way forward to resolve the issues. Since then Arthur has been without a fully functioning bathroom, without a working toilet, or a functioning bath or shower. Arthur is forced to use the sink to keep himself clean. When his uses the “throne” he has to tip a bucket of water down it and then use a plunger, to remove the waste.

As we said at the beginning, he has contacted one of his ward Cllrs and Damian Collins MP, but a year on NOTHING has been done for Arthur. He is and continues to be failed by the system which is meant to care for him.

All too recently a grandmother died hours after being found ‘frozen’ in her council home when East Kent Housing failed to fix her central heating in time for Christmas. EKH’s director of property services, Mark Anderson, said: “My review has concluded that there are lessons to be learned.” Do remember people Mark Anderson (Centre) Director of Property at EKH, previously worked as the Interim Executive Director of Assets & Regeneration at the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO). He was directly involved with the issues around the cladding on Grenfell Tower (page17) and the lessons to be learned from that Tradegy are still being dealt with by the Grenfell Tower Inquiry.

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It is we believe time to move Deborah Upton Chief Executive (left), Mark Anderson Director of Property (centre) and Matt Gough Director of Customer services (right) of East Kent Housing onto pastures new. They have failed and continue to fail the tenants they serve across the portfolio of 17,000 plus council homes in East Kent.

We hope and pray that Arthur’s bathroom is sorted out before the onset of winter and we are sure there are competent Cllrs who can and will achieve this for Arthur.

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  1. This is no surprise at all, my husband who is now receiving palliative care was refused by Dover council for a stairlift and wet room on the grounds that now our son who was my husbands main carer moved out the family home which means we are under occupied, having a spare room which we do pay for, means my husband now has to sleep downstairs leaving 2 empty bedrooms as I cannot leave him downstairs on his own. The council did tell us they could move us to a 1 bedroom adapted bungalow which would be great if there were any of those type of properties in our village but there isn’t which would mean having to move away from family who we rely on to help, I also explained that he is too ill to move again, you see in 2014 we approached EKH to rehome us to a suitable property, their answer to us was you would be better off finding a mutual exchange as they would not put us in a bungalow unless my husband was bed ridden or given a date of death, so we found an exchange it wasn’t a bungalow but it only had one staircase unlike the house we were in which had 3 sets of stairs to reach your living room, the house we exchanged to was in a very bad state if disrepair and being an exchange the council will not do repairs, It has taken the last 4 years to make this house our home. I am so angry with EKH, my husband worked all his life and this is the thanks he gets absolutely disgusting

  2. What a shower of s**t. You would think this man would be treated as a priority case. Are our councillors working in our best interest, I think not.

  3. What amazes me in this story, apart from the complete lack of accountability from EKH, is that tenants like Arthur are treated abominably…

    Arthur must be “old school” – he must thinks that if you speak to someone on the telephone that person will actually do something – perhaps he thought that whoever he spoke to have some accountability

    He is utterly wrong… and it shouldn’t be like this…

    Credit goes to the Hythe Councillor who kicked EKH’s butt..

    Shame on the Cabinet member for Housing – as Arron Banks might put it “you’re a disgrace”

  4. Oh dear…how utterly shameful that this gentleman has been ignored by the very people he fought for, and for so long too. Thankyou for naming and SHAMING those responsible for this .

  5. This blog is rapidly becoming the only authoritative voice on a range of important topics that are directly affecting residents lives.

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