Part 2: Betrayed by East Kent Housing

“All’s well that ends well.” ― William Shakespeare, 

After our post about Arthur on Monday, his life is in the process of being transformed. He was when our public face met with him yesterday (Wednesday), overwhelmed by all the offers of help and kindness and brought to tears. He sends his thanks and gratitude to all of you who offered your help and who expressed their concern for his plight regarding the issues in his bathroom.

Arthur 1

Arthur is old school, but then you might expect that from an octogenarian. He has life threatening illnesses, as we said in our previous post. He does not use the internet nor does he have access to it. He does not have a mobile, just your classic land line and fax machine and that’s how Arthur likes it.

So how did things change for Arthur? Well a dear friend brought it to our attention and we and our public face brought it to the attention of one of his District Ward Councillor’s, Deborah Upton Chief Executive of East Kent Housing and you the public.

Paul P

The Cllr who assisted in changing Arthur’s life was Councillor Paul Peacock Folkestone & Hythe District Cllr for Hythe Rural Ward (pictured) who on Monday 19th Nov 2018 bothered to call Mears and East Kent Housing and in that one simple act, set the wheels in motion which would transform Arthur’s life. He has expressed his deep thanks to Cllr Peacock. We too extend our thanks as well

East Kent Housing met with Arthur on Wednesday 21st as well. A timetable to resolve all the issues have now been put in place and work will beginning very very soon indeed to sort out Arthur’s bathroom.

It is clear to us at the Shepwayvox Team, East Kent Housing have serious issues to address. However, on this occasion they addressed them for Arthur because of the oxygen of publicity he received in part. That unfortunately will not always be a recipe for success.

Cllrs can and do miraculous things, things which they do not get thanks or praise for, as it is done in the background, quietly, efficiently and at their own cost some of the time. Some do go the extra mile and we know in this case Cllr Peacock did go that extra mile.

Finally there is you, the public, who expressed there sympathy for Arthur plight. You to are to be applauded, as it demonstrates that kindness and love is alive and well in our communities. So we the Shepwayvox Team extend our sincerest thanks to all of you who expressed your concerns.

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5 Comments on Part 2: Betrayed by East Kent Housing

  1. It’s true — we can make a difference — and so can we all!!!!

  2. An excellent result.. Well done to everyone involved.

    However this situation should have been resolved much earlier – I wonder how many more “Arthurs” whose lives are being debilitated by EKH.

    As to the Cabinet member for Housing whose responsibility includes the well being of EKH’s tenants – I think his resignation should be an option in favour of Cllr Peacock who appears to understand the Council’s responsibility to it’s tenants.

    But then again we have an election coming up in May 2019 where electorate will have the opportunity to deliver an overall verdict on Cllrs who fail people like Arthur.

  3. EKH can do miracles. Only a few years ago they did gas test on a property which had no electrical supply. The two leads from the main fuse was missing. The boiler passes its gas test and the house also passed it PAC test. How???

  4. Please can the Cllr make sure this man is compensated by Mears as per their compensation policy when they either start word and do not finish it and/or if they agreed a time and date to do work but do not do it. It is amazing it went on so long for this poor man. He also should with help put a complaint to EKH asking for extra compensation for his suffering and breach of tenancy agreement.

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