Part 2: A big thank you to Kent Fire & Rescue Service

Kent Fire & Rescue Service (KFRS) don’t just attend home or commercial fires or road traffic collisions. As part of the service they have a dedicated Animal Rescue team too.  Of course they save cats from trees and dogs from pipes in woods, but they save other types of animal as well.

KFRS Animal Rescue did though in April 2017 save the co-creator of Bagpuss and the Clangers, Peter Firmin, and his daughter Emily’s dog, Domino, when the dog got stuck in a long pipe near their home in Blean, Canterbury.

However cats and dogs are not the only animals KFRS Animal Rescue team save. Between 2015 and 2017, KFRS Animal Rescue have saved 267 animals. Among the animals saved are pigs, squirrels and donkeys, as you can see from the chart below.

As we said before and we say again, KFRS do a fantastic job with the resources at their disposal. They keep us safe and our animals too and they do it 24/7, 365, and we are grateful and we suspect you might be as well.

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  1. They saved my cat after a dog chased it up a tree and was to terrified to come down. Thank you to the Kent Fire & Rescue Team for going above and beyond.

  2. I’ll be eternally grateful to Kent Fire & Rescue Service after they save my horse from being ensnared in barbed wired, they saved our filly. Thank you.

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