P & R could lose £6.3 million pound contract with Folkestone & Hythe District Council?



Back in May, then in June and October of this year we made it clear there were issues with the P & R Gas Servicing & Heating Installation contract.

In an unprecedented move Folkestone & Hythe District Council (F&HDC) have placed a tender on the Kent Business Portal that they are potentially looking for a new Gas Servicing & Heating Installation company to potentially replace P & R, who could lose their £6.3 million pound contract they signed with F&HDC; which began on the 1st April 2017.

P & R are the company who service all the Gas Boilers and Install them in all the Council owned properties across the district. Their work should be checked and signed off by representatives of East Kent Housing. However, it would appear this may not have been happening.

Back in May 2018 –  there were emerging issues with this contract. Tenants then and now continue to inform us of the poor service they have received from P & R.

  • 48 Hours and counting without heating and hot water. I have two babies at home. How do contractors think this is acceptable?

  • EKH. As per your normal form another broken promise broken. No one turned up after I was assured 3 times they would come last night. Vulnerable disabled adult left in a house with not heating or hot water. Again P & R lie. Enough is enough I have had enough over the year of your incompetence and no more of your placatory letters will work. Time for the press I think.

The above is just a minuscule example of what we could post.

There have been ongoing claims/allegations of overcharging and worked not being checked. The other 3 Councils Canterbury, Dover & Thanet are considering further information from P & R before taking any action.

Folkestone & Hythe District Council however have decided it is wiser to potentially seek  a new Gas Servicing & Heating Installation company to replace P & R as of the 1st April 2019 as the image above makes clear – preparation prevent piss poor performance!!!

At the last meeting of the Audit & Governance Committee, (Agenda Item 51 & 52), the discussion around P & R was held behind closed doors. However, it has emerged in an audit report undertaken by East Kent Audit Partnership that only a limited assurance could be given regarding P & R’s management of the contract as is made clear in the restricted paper below. The restricted paper though is not just an indictment of P & R to be fair, it also highlights that those with responsibility for managing the contract – East Kent Housing are failings to do their job as well.

It is wise to remember P & R Installation Company Limited are owned by Bilby PLC and their present share price is currently (20th Dec 2018) falling off a cliff, for reasons unknown presently.

We think it wise and prudent of Folkestone & Hythe District Council to take the steps they have as they have a duty to obtain Value for Money for all their residents, regardless if they live in Council owned properties or not. It is clear from the evidence set out above, that P & R seem unable to offer the service East Kent Housing or our Council want. And as we know many tenants have voiced their concerns as well.

Whether or not P & R will lose the contract they have with Folkestone & Hythe District Council only time will tell. You never know there mother company Bilby PLC could end up going down the tubes before P & R if the share price keeps dropping rapidly.

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5 Comments on P & R could lose £6.3 million pound contract with Folkestone & Hythe District Council?

  1. “they have a duty to offer Value for Money to their residents”…. Do you actually think the SDC Tories actually understand that?

  2. The Shepwayvox Team refreshes the parts of the local media neither the Herald or the Express can reach. Well done to you all.

  3. A tenant who Has experienced P & R's rubbish service // December 19, 2018 at 18:08 // Reply

    As an EKH tenant all I can honestly say is that my experience with P & R was absolutely rubbish. Imho they should have never been taken on and I hope Folkestone & Hythe District Council have the balls to get rid of them.

  4. There were similar issues at Romney House, accommodation for the elderly, in Dymchurch. The company P & R told one resident that they didn’t have anyone available with sufficient skills to fix the failed central heating system, which finally took over two weeks to sort out. It became clear that EKH do not appear to have staff capable of over seeing such incidents, reacting or even skilled enough to manage such incidents. The ‘problem’ was a simple valve change and thermostat replacement!

  5. Maybe2morrow // March 5, 2019 at 06:59 // Reply

    This is a result of poor contract specifications and lack of expertise in the trade to be able to manage the contract properly as well as inefficient office processes.

    Combine this with the poor conditions of the stock and inadequate budget to bring it up to standard it’s a perfect storm.

    EKH use bullying tactics over their contractors and I’m aware that one manager has even employed companies their children work for when ‘it wasn’t made worth their while’ to retain the incumbent.

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