Local Elections May 2nd 2019: Appearance Matters

Appearance matters so the Council says and in Folkestone Central ward, that statement is a load of rubbish.

Companies are upping and leaving due to drug dealing, prostitution, flytipping, graffiti and serious Anti Social Behaviour which you can report to the Council on 01303 853660. This number is answered during office hours (8.30am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays). Out of Office Hours 01303 221888.

Ever since the opening of Payers Park the level of anti social behaviour has increased in and and around the area.

Report after report to the Police and the Council and has done little, if anything, to appease the issues which have so enraged tenants, and businesses alike in the Old High Street, Tontine Street and other areas nearby.

Many fine words have been spoken in rooms with the great and the good present, but over four years nothing has been done. Many good people have suffered. Their wellbeing, their finances both affected and a community which is on the edge of falling apart.

That is not said lightly either. Folkestone & Hythe Community Safety Partnership Partnership Plan 2017-18 states clearly at page 5 that:

  • All crime (in the district)) has increased by 18.3% and victim based crime up by 17.6%.

Then again in 2018/19 the Folkestone & Hythe Community Safety Partnership Partnership Plan states at page 5 that:

  • All crime (in the district) has increased by 23.1% and victim based crime up by 16.3%

I and countless others who live across the Folkestone Central ward and elsewhere have heard the Police say they can do little as they lack the resources. It doesn’t even matter if you have the evidence that drug dealing, prostitution and anti social behaviour are happening. It doesn’t matter if you share evidence with them. Still no action appears to be taken even though we’ were promised 200 new Police Officers for Kent in 2018 and another 180 in 2019  I’ve haven’t seen any – have you?

I have witnessed with my own eyes serious amounts of illicit white powders being sold in plain sight in the Old High Street in Folkestone. When the Police were informed I was told they had “other priorities” and lacked the resources to investigate.

Is it any wonder then why all crime has risen in the district in 2018/19 by  23.1% and victim based crime is up by 16.3%.

Folkestone Central ward is in the top 20% of most deprived wards (page 16) in England and in the top 10% of most deprived areas in Kent.

And according to Kent Live on April 1st 2019 Folkestone Central Ward has five out of the ten most dangerous streets in Folkestone. They are:

  • 5 – St Eanswythe Way – Number of violent and sexual crimes reported: 31

  • 4 – St John’s Street – Number of violent and sexual crimes reported: 31

  • 3 – Clarence Street – Number of violent and sexual crimes reported: 42

  • 2 – The Old High Street (Creative Quarter) Number of violent and sexual crimes reported: 46

  • 1 – Shorncliffe Road – Number of violent and sexual crimes reported: 51

Back in 2014 DEFRA through its Local Environmental Quality Survey for England claimed that poor levels of cleanliness are also associated with increases in low-level crime and anti social disorder. How many little picks do we now have across the district in any one year? Do they prevent anti social behaviour or low level crime, certainly not. So the claim in 2014 seems as valid today, as it was then.

So what can be done? (And in no particular order)

Ask not what your district can do for you, Ask what you can do for your district to paraphrase JFK. Many of you clean our district, devote your time and energy to this district, and I, and no doubt many others are grateful and thankful to each of you for your efforts.

All bins across the district must have a dedicated telephone number stencilled on them and Veolia and the Council provide persons in an office who can be contacted about bins over the weekends so there is 7 day coverage. Please do remember the Contract for waste is up for renewal and such an idea can be built into the new contract and the contract is with Canterbury, Dover Folkestone & Hythe & Thanet District Councils so efficiencies and cost savings can be made.

The new compactor bins/big belly bins must be rolled out across the whole district and the data of how much they collect and how often they are emptied, must be published freely. These ‘smart’ little bins are incredibly clever and are able to email Council staff when they need emptying, through using cloud enabled connectivity. This in turn will enable the Council to improve its time management of Velioa Council staff. Blind checking all bins on a regular basis will eventually be no longer necessary as Veolia/Council staff will be able to better manage staff rotas and send employees to the locations where the bins are ready to be emptied. Less staff checks means a reduction of our carbon footprint, which all goes towards helping the environment.

We must encourage more recycling across the district and if elected I would encourage our Council to investigate the possibility of deposit refund schemes for glass and plastic bottles to help and save our wonderful environment

As there are to be 380 more officers I’d ask Kent Police to ensure 20 Police Officers end up in our district and get out and about – on foot – especially on a Friday & Saturday evening across the top five most dangerous streets in Folkestone Central ward.

If elected I WILL endeavour to raise and bring about the change which is needed to resolve the issues set out above. I will have a monthly surgery where residents and business alike can may raise issues of concern.

I understand and appreciate that many people have invested their money, their lives and time to make Folkestone a better place, to work rest and play. I want that to continue, I want to tackle the issues above and by doing so make our district, Folkestone Town and Folkestone Central Ward a great place to live & visit .

Vote Bryan Rylands

Folkestone Central Ward – May 2nd 2019

I accept Postal Votes too

Published by Bryan Rylands Flat D Avenay Court Sandgate Rd Folkestone CT20 2LN

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  1. A Marine Parade Resident // April 25, 2019 at 21:10 // Reply

    What about the travellers that have moved into the C1 parking area at the back of marine crescent. I pay to park there how are they getting away with taking 20 parking spaces with no consequences?

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