Local Elections 2nd May 2019: Thank You

All five thousand leaflets have been delivered across Folkestone Central ward where I – Bryan Rylands (pictured) – am standing for election on May 2nd.

I’d like to say thank you to Folkestone Printing and Nik & Trick Photography for there help and assistance with my leaflets.

I’d like to say thank you to those of you who were willing to speak to me and share your thoughts on the doorstep, about the local elections tomorrow, May 2nd 2019.

I’d like to say thank you to you the readers, who I hope understand that you have been treated like a cash cow, regarding your Council Tax. As we, the residents of the district have had the highest in Kent for the last 16 years of Tory rule.

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Whatever happens tomorrow – win or lose – I am grateful to the Shepwayvox Team – of which I am but the public face, for allowing me to use their site for my campaign.

Politics is at the moment unhelpfully polarised and annoyingly binary,  add to that  the toxic nature of social media and one can understand why voters are put off from participating in the democratic process.

Being a Cllr is often a thankless job with comments of backhanders, corruption and helping ones friends. In the age of social media one does needs a thick skin and the ability to sit on ones hands. There have been some who have commented on my policies, but at least I gave you some policies to consider and comment on:

This Town, Folkestone Town, Becoming Like a Ghost Town

Gerrymandering in Folkestone & Hythe District Elections?

A Wheelie Bin Policy

Heritage Matters

Appearance Matters

Transparency Matters

The departure of Cllr Susie Govett (pictured) – she is NOT standing again – will be keenly felt as she gave a voice to the Marsh which had long been missing in our chamber. Her contribution over the last four years has been immense, and I for one am personally grateful for her contribution.

Eighteen out of our thirty councillors are retired, one is a full time Cllr and the other eleven work. Our Council is not attracting “dynamic young people” and the Cabinet is stale, male and pale except for Cllr Jenny Hollingsbee. Nine out of the ten Cabinet Members  are retirees topping up their pension pots, and one works.

Cllrs Rory Love & Peter Gane first joined our Council in 1987, so have been Councillors for 32 years. Cllr Dick Pascoe has been a Cllr for 28 years. Clllr Monk & Hollingsbee have been Cllrs for 24 years. Cllr Susan Carey for 20 years, so have considerably added to their pension pots.

Tomorrow – the 2nd May 2019,  the fate of all the candidates are in your hands, as is the future of our district. I ask you to use your vote wisely.

You do NOT need your polling card to vote and you can vote between 7am and 10pm. If you are not sure where your polling station is you can use the Council’s website to find out – click ⇒ here

Vote Bryan Rylands

Folkestone Central Ward – May 2nd 2019

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