Cllr Ray Field’s Betrayal Over Princes Parade Reaches Private Eye Magazine.

Cllr Ray Field’s defection to the Tories and betrayal of Princes Parade reaches this week’s edition of Rotten Boroughs in Private Eye (No 1518 20 March – 2nd April 2020 page 18).


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11 Comments on Cllr Ray Field’s Betrayal Over Princes Parade Reaches Private Eye Magazine.

  1. You must remember that this Judas sold out for half of the stated amount as he was already receiving his allowance. He has conned a lot of voters for his own gain…… or just to be noticed.

  2. This is a shameful reflection of this mans integrity. Obviously he has an eye for the main chance. No sense of loyalty only his own gain.

  3. doggerbank56 // March 18, 2020 at 14:43 // Reply

    Should Ray Field wish to remain an elected Councillor he knows that he will no longer be able to stand again in Harbour Ward for the Labour Party. His betrayal of those who voted for him has seen to that.

    He could stand as an independent but, his prospects would be poor. I suspect instead he might ask David Monk to find him a safe Tory ward to represent if a current incumbent decides to stand down at the next local elections.

    Alternatively, having pocketed his 40 pieces of silver from David Monk he might plan to skulk off to another part of the country where no one knows about him or his past actions. Whatever he does one knows that his motivation will always be personal expediency and not personal principle.

  4. Well, once a back stabbing, self serving, two faced, traitorous, lying toe rag, then as they say “ always a ray field”
    Oh I forgot for a union official that helped himself to union funds what did we really expect, so surprised it’s taken this long to come out really, how about you ?
    I’ll be even more surprised if anyone has the bottle to do anything about him

  5. Turncoat Tester // March 18, 2020 at 17:12 // Reply

    He looked very sheepish in the chemist yesterday. Is there an antibiotic for treachery? I would prescribe triginta argenteos…………

  6. doggerbank56 // March 18, 2020 at 18:06 // Reply

    If, Ray Field did steal union funds (see example below) it is down to his former colleagues to gather the evidence and report it to the police. If fellow union officials covered this up more fool them.

  7. White Audi – say no more

    • This is the Field we should be burying under concrete. Instead, because of his treachery, we’re burying the lovely fields beside Hythe Canal.

  8. Let me look a little way into the future, I foretell a time where given the right inducement Cllr Field will about turn and aim a well deserved stab in the back of the Tories, I base this view on the old saying that as with any “Field” – “ ye can only reap as that ye sow” and the Tories have sown the seeds of treachery !

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  10. Folkestone and Hythe or Shepway has a history of Councillors elected under one flag and then switching to another as in this case 99% to the Tories. The only one who bucked the trend was dear old Cllr. Capon a socialist who was elected as a tory.

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