A Little Bit Of Good News

There is good news, those that go into hospital with Covid-19 do come out. It’s not all about deaths, even though the mass media seem absolutely locked onto these numbers like a heat seeking missile.

The NHS staff on the frontline at East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust have and continue to do a fantastic job. Their amazing work and effort means that since patients have been accepted onto the wards of the William Harvey Hospital (Ashford) and The Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother (Margate) Hospitals with Covid-19, as of April 9th, sixty eighty patients have been discharged alive after recovering from Covid-19.

Reporting the recovery figures is equally if not more important than reporting the deaths. The staff have done a brilliant job under the circumstance and we and no doubt you applaud them for efforts.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful news. Thanks for creating a chink of light and hope.

  2. Maggotmum // April 15, 2020 at 11:52 // Reply

    It’s not new news at all. Over the last few weeks many people have been quietly discharged from hospitals all over the country and not just locally. It not necessarily a death sentence and many after testing positive and any other issues dealt with go home. Home is probably the safest place for people. But how many of them once home are going to pop their head out of the window and say it out loud!

  3. You are absolutely right people who are at home and isolated from every one except the carers they have in once or twice a day will need this information more than the amount of deaths all bad news has its damaging effect on these people as they can get depressed and desperate thinking that their is no way out if they have contracted the virus we should have the necessary information on the telly news how many have recovered from the virus from hospital and those at home it is so important for them to feel well within their self and definitely not depressed please release these figures as much as possible. Chris

  4. I’m a nurse who works for EKHUFT on the frontline dealing with Covid-19 patients. My hubbie showed me this after I got home. Thank you ever so much for posting this, you made my day.

  5. Deaths are News, recoveries not so. The media should be more responsible in their reporting so that we, the general population, are properly informed. As was said There are lies, damn lies and statistics’. Let’s have a little reality for a change, real figures relating to this situation.

    I would hold my breath but probably unwise.

  6. This is such good news, most of us are doing our best too, staying at home, missing our families and friends but if it is all working it is worth it. Keep up the brilliant work the whole of the NHS are doing, from the cleaners to the Consultants

  7. The worry is that there are more than 68 who have not been discharged alive after not recovering. Well over 100 now.

    • shepwayvox // April 19, 2020 at 18:50 // Reply

      As of Friday 17th April nearly 800 have been discharged with 339 Deaths in Kent & Medway. Condolences to each and every family.

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