The Fog Of War: A Reason Why Daily NHS England Covid-19 Figures Differ From The Weekly ONS Figures

The ONS figures (England & Wales only), which are at least a week behind the daily NHS figures for the whole of the UK have been 10,000 or so higher than the NHS figures in week 20 (15/05/20), Week 21 (22/05/20) and Week 22 up to 29th May but were registered up to 6th June, England and Wales.

If one adds cumulative deaths in Scotland to week 22 (2,316) to the red column, and also the 757 cumulative Covid deaths in Northern Ireland recorded up to week 21, the disparity between the red and blue columns becomes 13,070 across the whole of the UK.  This means the ONS figures for England and Wales plus Scotland and Northern Ireland are 25% higher than the daily figures released by the Dept of Health and Social Care.


Source for NHS figures: Dept of Health and Social Care – Coronavirus daily updates

To understand the difference it is best to use an analogy.

Imagine if you will the NHS having to find dead bodies in a very very thick fog. They will not find them all as their sight is impaired by the thick fog. Then imagine a week or so later, after the fog has long gone, ONS going to to the same location, they will of course find dead bodies missed by the NHS. This explains the difference.

Of course, it take 2-3 weeks to process the paper work. Presently the people who have to deal with the deaths and process the paper work are under considerable pressure…what with there being in excess of 60,000 excess deaths… It takes time to process the figures.

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  1. Thanks, useful. At sometime the issue of covid death certificates needs examination. A number of local deaths with a covid certificate but no or little connection between death and the disease.

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