Persistent Evaders of PCNs cost council tens of thousands

Whether you parked on double yellow lines for two minutes while you popped into the shop, or unwittingly left your car on private land, receiving a parking fine is sure to take the shine off your day.

There are more than 70 reasons why you might get a parking ticket, so there’s a good chance you’ll encounter one at some point in your driving lifetime.

Last year, 2019/20, Folkestone & Hythe District Council issued 21,580 Parking Charge Notices. That was an average of 59 a day across the district. However, there are a number who do NOT pay.  They are known as “Persistent Evaders” and Folkestone & Hythe District Council fail to book them or collect the money owed to them from them.

A ‘persistent evader’ would be defined as having three or more outstanding and unchallenged PCNs.

Council sources make it clear there are approx 20 cars running around with many unpaid PCNs at present. After so many traffic wardens/enforcement officers are told not to book them anymore.

Tens of thousands of pounds have been lost by FHDC on unpaid PCNs by persistent offenders, since the start of the contract with NSL, in Apr 2012. This is part is due to the vehicles owned by persistent offenders not holding valid MOTs, road fund licence or insurance.

However, rather than immobilise or tow their cars away like other councils do around the country, FHDC does not take this drastic step.  What with an loss of parking income due to the covid pandemic, perhaps it is time Folkestone & Hythe District Council consider immobilising or towing away vehicles owned by persistent offenders who fail to pay their parking tickets.

As always, we’ll leave you to consider that.

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2 Comments on Persistent Evaders of PCNs cost council tens of thousands

  1. I wonder if any of these offenders might include certain other non payers reported by this blog

  2. doggerbank56 // September 8, 2020 at 10:45 // Reply

    Would a Freedom of Information Act request enable Shepway Vox to identify these individuals?

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