KCC “Profiteering” from caring for migrant children under 18

On the 1st April 2019, Kent County Council (KCC) were caring for 254 under 18 unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC). By March 31st 2020, KCC were caring from 450 UASC, under 18.

We use an average figure of under 18 UASCs in KCCs care to work out the costs in the absence of published daily, weekly or monthly figures. If KCC were to publish monthly numbers of under 18 UASCs, we could make the cost figure more precise.

The average number of under 18 UASC children looked after by KCC throughout the 2019/20 financial year was 352, according to KCCs figures.

In 2019/20, KCC received £114 per night for caring for under 18s from central government.

According to information released under a Freedom Of Information request, KCC state the costs for caring for under 18 UASCs, in 2019/20 was £13,505,017.

Using the average number of under 18 UASC children, KCC appear to have made a reasonable profit from under 18 UASC.

352 x £114 = £40,128 x 365 = £14,646,720

meaning KCC turned a profit of £1,141,703 in 2019/20.

Michelle Dorrell

It would appear then there is significant income generation for KCC from under 18 UASCs.

This means a child under 18 who has fled Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq or Syria, has been financial exploited by people smugglers to get them to the UK, then once in the UK, KCC also turn a profit for caring for them.

The amount of money per night paid for under 18 UASCs rose to £143 in 2020/21.

As of Sept 3rd 2020, KCC were looking after 522 under 18 UASCs.

Again if we take the average between 450 and 522 which is 486 and do the maths:

486 x 143 = 69,498 x 156 (April 1st to Sept 3rd) = £10,841,688

For the same period last year, KCC made £6,259,968

By the end of this financial year 2020/21, KCC will once again generate a significant profit for caring for under 18 UASC.

Yes the children are cared for by KCC here in the UK, given shelter and food until their asylum application is dealt with by the Home Office. However, whatever part of the journey you look at, children are being profited from whether that be people smugglers, or KCC caring for them.

Children should NOT be exploited for financial gain by anyone. Idealistic perhaps, but just turn and look at your own children, would you want somebody to be making a profit out of them, whether it be a people smuggler or KCC?

Many public figures you might not know were refugees (or children of refugees) have brought much more than their belongings with them to their new countries.

The under 18 UASCs in KCCs care may well turn out to be net givers to our wonderful country, if given the chance.

Prior to publishing, KCC had been asked for a comment, but no response had been received.

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4 Comments on KCC “Profiteering” from caring for migrant children under 18

  1. Concernedlocal // September 5, 2020 at 14:30 // Reply

    I hope the charity KRAN read this and learn how to fact find before making ridiculous claims. They are claiming children are being put in Detention centres, when it is clearly in social services interests to provide for these children. Thankyou.

  2. Another excellent analysis of the facts without falling into any camp.

    Keep up the good work.

    Nice pic of Cllr Michelle Dorrell at the Dover Demo.

  3. If the money comes from central government then does it come from us as we fund it? The government doesn’t just print money it has to come from somewhere first and I thought it was UK tax payers so aren’t we essentially still finding UASC? Sorry if I’m being daft but genuinely curious as to where the money is coming from.

    • Donna – KCC received £114 per night for caring for under 18s UASCs from central government in 2019/20 but they did not spend it all.

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