F&HDC proposes move to reduce its carbon footprint

What with the media focusing their coverage on Napier Barracks and Boris’s new rules over covid-19, Folkestone & Hythe District Council have quietly slipped out a press release making it clear they are currently considering moving out of the Castle Hill Avenue buildings.

“The proposal”, the council say  “is at a very early stage and councillors have asked that the feasibility of moving to a modern, purpose-built facility and disposing of the current site, potentially for much needed new housing, is explored.

By selling the ageing site the council would most certainly cut their carbon footprint which is, so they say, driving in part, this proposal.

Now back in Oct 2018 we ran the blog

At the informal Cabinet meeting former Cllr Malcolm Dearden mooted the idea the site could become a site to develop a new civic centre. Now we are NOT saying that is going to happen. All we are saying is a possibility not a certainty.

They could also consider St Mary’s field on Shorncliffe Rd, Folkestone, as the Council own the site.

But there are many other sites the council could consider, such as their newly owned racecourse.

If you hear anything about any potential site the council are considering do drop us a line. Any person who provides information to us can be assured they will not be named or compromised.

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  1. doggerbank56 // September 22, 2020 at 18:09 // Reply

    My money is on Otterpool Park principally because of how much the Council has already spent on land purchase. They want to create a new town there and locating the Council HQ there will provide jobs. It could also encourage other firms to relocate there if they consider the property deals on offer to be attractive.

    The Council could even be imaginative and commission a low-cost environmentally friendly head office with the added benefit of a fishing lake for David Monk and his friends!

    Secondly, London based firms may be tempted by the prospect cheaper back-office accommodation, lower property prices for their staff and fast communications.

    Third, some of the land could be used to create a warehouse hub/lorry park which would generate further jobs. The only downside would be the re-imposition of Operation Stack on the M20 but, with the growth of home working and teleconferencing many Council/office staff can also work from home.

    Finally, the Council will still need to retain office space in Folkestone for e.g. rent payments as not all residents will be able to get to Otterpool Park easily.

  2. I’ve forgotten if there are any dungeons at the Castle, but somebody said recently that the fishing there is quite good……..

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