Napier Barracks Welcome Meeting: Council Officers march with “right wing extremist organisations”

Kent Refugee Action Network, who organised the welcome meeting for asylum seekers at Napier Barracks, Folkestone, today the 17th Oct, was attended by 200 plus people.

They were also joined by separate far-right groups who were counter protesting.

We note that an ex- Folkestone & Hythe District Council employee, plus two serving council officers were amongst the far-right groups who are opposed to the barracks being used as a location for asylum seekers.

Liam T as he describes himself on YouTube previously worked in the communications department at the Council.

Liam T wearing the glasses

We have elected not to show the current serving council officers, but rather pass their images along to  the proper authorities.

Now of course, in the interest of fairness, we note that both Town & District Cllrs of the Folkestone & Hythe Labour Party and members of Shepway Green Party were in attendance as well to support and welcome the asylum seekers.

In the main, the event passed of peacefully, but one person was detained on suspicion of causing criminal damage and they remain in custody as part of ongoing enquiries.

However, earlier in the week the Chief Executive of Folkestone & Hythe District Council, Dr Susan Priest, expressed in the strongest possible terms the Council’s grave concerns regarding the unauthorised event.

She went onto say:

  • There is already significant intelligence, and worrying concerns, about counter protests by a number of right wing extremist organisations who have shared footage on YouTube citing your 17th October “welcome event” and, very sadly, are inciting people to counter protest.

In the end Dr Priest’s grave concerns were misplaced. What she should now focus her efforts on, are weeding out the two council officers who were aligned to the right wing extremist organisations present today.

Napier Barracks will house up to 400 adult asylum seekers until next autumn.

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8 Comments on Napier Barracks Welcome Meeting: Council Officers march with “right wing extremist organisations”

  1. There were 10 “far right” protestors. I think Dr Preist should get better intelligence!

  2. Terry Mullard // October 17, 2020 at 21:27 // Reply

    These single males in Napier Barracks are illegal immigrants. Simple. I certainly do not wish to welcome them.
    Cllr Terry Mullard
    Folkestone & Hythe DC

    • What’s the difference between an illegal immigrant and an asylum seeker then Cllr?
      What defines either in your opinion?
      As a Cllr I think you owe it to the electorate to say exactly what you mean just so we know for sure what you’re trying to say?
      Come on don’t be shy.
      Your comments as an elected Cllr are a disgrace and here’s your chance to explain yourself on a public forum

  3. Extremists? Far right? Far left? Think you will find they were local people with concerns. Why have 400 MALE illegal immigrants been housed there?
    Where are they getting the money to buy alcohol, cigarettes and mobile phones.
    What happened to the rule of six? The organisers need to be prosecuted.
    I normally support your posts but this is a very poor post.

  4. Concerned local // October 19, 2020 at 11:35 // Reply

    They are asylum seekers till proven guilty or innocent. They are given mobile phones for contact purposes, their solicitor or Migrant Help for example. Funnily enough I too naively asked my Dad where they get money from, (my Dad works with immigration) he replied with “the same way we do.” Immigration are not allowed to confiscate bank cards or cash, though they can investigate large amounts of cash, as this could of been obtained by illegal acts like people trafficking. Those able to get to the UK are generally better off. How they spend their money is none of our business. I also wouldn’t assume they are single, many husbands come over here to sort out a home and a job before safely bringing over their family. Remember many die on the long journey over whether it be in a lorry, in the sea, or ran over by a Euro tunnel train. Shame they can’t claim a refund on the thousands they have paid……
    As for the rule of 6, apparently protests, sorry I mean “Welcome Parties” are exempt otherwise it would go against our human rights…..
    KRAN were the organisers as they would rather blow their own trumpet than liase with Migrant Help a charity who has direct access to the Barracks and Asylum seekers. Migrant Help do amazing work yet aren’t getting much credit from the press. KRAN have also made various accusations against the Home Office without any evidence, complaining no one will give them information, wonder why?
    To the ‘Councillor’ what a way to call yourself out!

  5. Here, here, well said, looks to me like this Cllr has well and truly shown his true colours (pardon the pun) lets hope his comments are picked up and acted on by the police, racism is racism and as a Cllr he cannot say his comments are not offensive, and let’s not forget he will have undergone equality training provided by the council

  6. I do not need to hide my name as I don’t care , these are not refugees these are criminal illegal immigrants end of, but once again I spot our Mayor in the welcoming party, she is the Mayor of Folkestone and should not be a political animal , she should be listening to what the people of Folkestone are saying that is all and the majority are not saying welcome , These people have given interviews complaining and bleating about conditions and food , yet I do not see them getting off there own backsides and making things better for themselves , they are quite content to bleat and cry whilst sitting getting everything done for them and everything free , whilst not raising a finger but opening there mouths with complaints , they have been given more than our homeless yet I did not see our Mayor standing up for them even before she became our Mayor , and she does not deserve the position in this town.

    • 2 points
      1. They are legally not allowed to work while claiming asylum.
      2. You have no evidence that the majority of local people are not welcoming. The turnout suggests you are wrong especially as there was advice that there might be trouble so it put a lot of people off coming.

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