Stainer Raids the Piggy Bank!!!

Within 72 hours of the High Court throwing out Michael Stainer’s last-ditch attempt to stave off another bankruptcy threat, High Court Enforcement Officers from TV stars DCBL, turned up for the third time at the Grand.

Previous attempts had seen them leave empty-handed as they sought to collect £9,624 of unpaid court costs owed by Grand freeholder, Hallam Estates to the Association of Residents in the Grand.

According to the report of their earlier visits from DCBL dated October 14th:

  • “The agent explained the reason for the attendance and asked for payment in full. Mr Stainer refused and stated that Hallam Estates Limited only owns the freehold to the building and no other assets. The agent asked for proof and Mr Stainer wandered off and asked him to wait. The agent continued to investigate and found the main staff office but he was then escorted to the back office where Mr Stainer was. The agent found many arrears letters for the mortgage in the name of the debtor company. Mr Stainer then showed the agent documentation to evidence that the only assets which belongs to Hallam Estates was the freehold of the building. Mr Stainer then stated that they are going to contest the debt and make an application to set-aside the judgment order.”

This delaying tactic bought some time for Hallam Estates and Michael Stainer, but Judge Adam Johnson knocked that one on the head and DCBL returned on Friday morning. They apparently sat there until the funds were transferred early this afternoon, plus substantial enforcement costs.

This is the first time in most residents’ memory that Stainer’s has handed over a penny to residents or to the maintenance fund of the building. Where the Insolvency Service, insolvency practitioners, raiding policeman and various lawyers have failed, Grand residents have succeeded. They have prised open the long moth-balled wallet of the current owners of the Grand.

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  1. Gotta love Bruce!

  2. This piggy bank seems to get raided quite often: unpaid Council tax, £60,000 paid to Tersons of Dover when seeking to have them appointed to replace the Court–appointed Manager of the Grand (subsequently returned) and now this. Don’t HMRC pay any attention?

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