Abramovich’s lieutenants issue s21 eviction notices to tenants at Marlbrough Court, Hythe.

On the 25th Sept 2018, we made it clear Pensand House and Marlborough Court, South Rd, Hythe was purchased by Roman Abramovich, via a complicated offshore arrangement back in 1996.

Just two days before on the 23rd Sept 2018, we made it clear Nationwide was investigating possible money laundering concerns around the purchasing of Pensand House & Marlborough Court.

On the 26th Sept 2018, the Shepway Vox Team received a legal letter from DAC Beachcroft on behalf of their client Chelsea Portfolio Ltd. The lawyers said the article correctly stated the corporate structure we set out was correct. This was not in dispute. So our understanding of the ownership issues was correct at 1996. There are no documents in the public domain to show the ultimate ownership of the property has changed.

On the 25th Sept 2018, the day we announced Mr Abramovich as the owner of Pensand House & Marlborough Court, planning application Y17/1543/FH went before the planning committee seeking alterations and extensions to both Marlborough Court and Pensand House, including the creation of six units within a new roof proposed for Pensand House. The motion was proposed by Russell Tillson and seconded by Cllr David Monk and of course the application was successful.

We note that on the 15th June 2018, Mrs Lesley Whybrow (now Cllr L Whybrow Green), made a comment on the application, as did others.

We know in 2018, 16 families in Pensand House & Marlbourgh Court were rehoused to Durham more likely than not unlawfully.

It has come to our attention that tenants in Marlborough Court have received s21 eviction notices from the onsite manager, John Taylor (below left) and from the director of Chelsea Portfolio Ltd, Sanjay Ashok Sharma. We understand the solicitors used to issue the s21 eviction notices is Setfords, based in Guilford.

Now for those of you who are not aware a s21 eviction must give at least 6 months’ notice to a tenant to quite the premises at the moment. At this time the landlord can only apply to court after the notice period ends.

The Council have placed households into Pensand House & Marlborough Court and have paid Chelsea Portfolio Ltd the sum of £58,400 between Dec 2016 and Nov 2020. This has been to retain tenants and to take on tenants who have been evicted from properties elsewhere in the district.

We offer two pieces of advice to the tenants who’ve received a s21 eviction notice. First contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau in Folkestone asap on 01303 241435 . Second contact the following Cllrs who all represent you at Town District or County level.

Hythe Town Council Cllrs for South Ward.

Cllr Angela Dickinson (Ind) (below left) – A.Dickinson@hythe-tc.gov.uk

Cllr Jim Martin (Green) – J.Martin@hythe-tc.gov.uk

Cllr Naomi Slade (Ind) – N.Slade@hythe-tc.gov.uk

Cllr Martin Whybrow (Green) (below right) – M.Whybrow@hythe-tc.gov.uk

Hythe District Councillors

Jim Martin (Green) jim.martin@folkestone-hythe.gov.uk

Georgina Treloar (Green) – georgina.treloar@folkestone-hythe.gov.uk

Lesley Whybrow (Green) – lesley.whybrow@folkestone-hythe.gov.uk

KCC Cllr for Hythe

Martin Whybrow (Green) – martin.whybrow@kent.gov.uk

Also we would urge you contact the Cabinet Member of Housing Cllr David Godfrey


and the Corporate Director for Housing Andy Blaszkowicz


Lets hope between the CAB and the eight Cllrs at Town District and County Abramovich’s lieutenants can be halted in issuing further s21 eviction notices.

The Shepway Vox Team

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6 Comments on Abramovich’s lieutenants issue s21 eviction notices to tenants at Marlbrough Court, Hythe.

  1. Superb reporting.

  2. No chance of managing Chelsea now……

  3. Linked to property in dalby square margate, sold on a couple of years back.

  4. Ivan the terrible? // February 22, 2021 at 23:03 // Reply

    Do you think he’ll buy the Grand and send Stainer to the Gulag?

  5. One of my sons has been served with a s21 from these flats and now FHDC are telling him to apply for assistance some time in the future because they are inundated with possession notices and applications. What they don’t tell you is that only a few of the flats have been served so, what are they going to do when the rest of the flats are served with s21’s. Also FHDC are more than happy to break the law because they have impunity, basically they cannot enforce laws and regulations that they enforce against themselves. Also housing are still forcing people to pay bedroom tax for box rooms, again with impunity.

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