A Grand Identity Crisis

So, who has really been in charge at the Grand since Michael Stainer ‘stepped down’ after his November 2018 bankruptcy? For a brief period, until he was unceremoniously fired by Stainer, the former UKIP leader Henry Bolton was the sole director of the various companies, to be replaced by “Robert Graham Slazenger Moss” (pictured: centre).

It’s already been shown that he is a mere puppet when the Property Tribunal stated in 2019 in regard to his ‘independence’ and truthfulness as a witness:

  • “The main exception to this was Mr Moss, who the Tribunal did not find a particularly satisfactory witness. It was obvious from the face of his written statement that Mr Moss did not prepare the bulk of it himself (despite the statement of truth). Almost half the statement related to events which pre-dated his involvement in The Grand. Despite this, he was reluctant to admit the obvious inference that his statement was a collaborative effort with Mr Stainer.”

Putting this on one side, it now appears that not only has Moss allowed his strings to be pulled in such a way as to make him liable for criminal proceedings in allowing Stainer to act as a director when disqualified, he suffers from multiple identity crises. In other words, who on earth does he think he is?

Stainer was disqualified again on December 1st 2020 by way of an undertaking given to HHJudge Burton during proceedings brought by the Official Receiver to disqualify him as director. He is in fact is doubly disqualified having been declared bankrupt again on March 8th.

Coming back to Moss, on LinkedIn, he is known as “Victor Klin” where he claims to have degrees from the University of Santa Monica – Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Master of Comptometers. This is a private unaccredited graduate school in Santa Monica, California, offering master’s of arts in spiritual psychology………

On FaceBook, he can be found as Easy Cash Registers of Camber where it states:

  • “We have been established in the cash register trade for over 45 years and is a family business. We Supply Dry Cleaning Cash register Systems”.

The address shown here, and on various listings such as Yell, is 122, Lydd Road, Camber. Moss was merely a tenant there and he moved out when this property was sold in September 2018. This was a few weeks before he became a director at the Grand, where he occupied various flats until he decided to squat in a flat recently purchased by a young lady from London. Legal proceedings to remove him are under way, while she and her young daughter are forced to stay with with friends.

On Twitter he is Prof Victor Klikkenhoffer, again with these mysterious “qualifications”:

This rather smart looking image was posted to replace the rather less salubrious one below which looked as if it taken at one of the infamous Harvey Epstein’s parties in New York.

Then we found him, under the name Moss in various trade directories trading from 28 Bayhall Road, Tunbridge Wells as Mostronic Cash Registers.

All these addresses are confirmed at 192.com:

What is also clear is that life wasn’t going too well for Mr Moss before Michael Stainer held out a helping hand in late 2018. Stainer presented Moss to the world as a successful businessman who he had known for many years. The record suggest otherwise:

Does any of this matter? Well, it does if you are employee at the Grand, and your fate and your furlough is in this man’s hands, steered by Stainer, who, it appears, was furious at Moss being quoted in the Folkestone and Herald Express last week.

It also matters to Moss’s unwitting Grand neighbours who have a real cuckoo in their nest, barricaded behind his doors, gazing out to sea. When challenged as to his ‘right’ to occupy this flat, his reply was:

  • “I am legally here because I have possession of my status in the Grand. I do know the law”.

Nothing much more one can say about Moss’s very approximate grasp of the law and the English language.

  • All the images used already exist in the public domain and have done so for a good number of years.

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7 Comments on A Grand Identity Crisis

  1. Impatient Eddy // March 21, 2021 at 12:32 // Reply

    This is the guy who is aiding and abetting Stainer in acting as a director while disqualified. This is a criminal offence and certainly suggests that Moss can look forward to new accomodation soon:

    Headline: “Company director who breached disqualification regulations jailed for six months”.


  2. spectator // March 21, 2021 at 15:02 // Reply

    Moss by name but Creeper by nature

  3. Moss & Stainer are two peas in a pod !!

  4. Less than £5k debt, not really in Stainer’s class! Seriously though in view of the new security system in the Grand how does he get in?

  5. Eddie the ready // March 21, 2021 at 20:31 // Reply

    Veritas: he enters via another flats and climbs over the balcony — like a thief in the night. Wait till next week’s security upgrade. Maybe he was given a spare fob by the Boggitts?????

  6. sundaytele // March 22, 2021 at 10:03 // Reply

    I heard that Moss has been evacuated from The Grand by the bailiffs 👏

  7. Vigilant eddy // March 22, 2021 at 17:13 // Reply

    Sundaytele: He was served an eviction notice after they found him hiding outside the Grand

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