Hythe Town Council want you to eat plants and ignore our armed forces

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On Thursday 24 June 2021, Hythe Town Council meet at the Town Hall at 6.20 pm to discuss the following Agenda item

16.Notice of Motion No 109

Proposed by Councillor M Whybrow

Seconded by Councillor P Graham

“That as a next step in Hythe Town Council’s climate and ecological emergency measures, it is proposed that the Council will move to plant-based food and drinks for all Council functions.”

There was no evidence provided by the proposer – but believes “we should follow the guidance of experts” –  or seconder that moving to a plant based food and drink diet is healthier for the planet. However there was much debate about freedom of choice.

Cllr Martin Whybrow & Cllr Penny Graham

So we thought we’d take a look at how much water is used to grow various products, but found that we’d been beaten to it by the Huffington Post.

Plus the Guardian reported on how we can – Eat this to save the world! – and they don’t advocate banning meat.


Beef v Chicken

Winner: Chicken at 518 gallons of water per pound. Beef requires the most water, at 1,847 gal./lb., followed by sheep at 1,248 gal./lb. and pork at 718 gal./lb. If you’re going to eat meat, go with chicken. Better yet try eggs, which take 395 gal./lb., or plant based protein. For dairy products, cheese and butter take more than milk at 381 gal./lb. and 665 gal./lb. respectively. Milk by itself uses only 122 gallons of water per pound.

Tofu v Lentils

Winner: Tofu at 302 gal./lb. It takes 704 gallons of water to produce one pound of lentils. Chickpeas require less than lentils at 501 gal./lb., and soybeans require less than the more processed tofu, at 257 gal./lb.

Olive Oil vs. Corn, Sunflower and Soybean Oil


Winner: Everything beats olive oil, which requires 1,729 of water per pound to produce. That’s more than all oils except castor oil. Corn oil takes 309 gal./lb., sunflower 814 gal./lb. and soybean 502 gal./lb. If you’re a fan of coconut oil you’re in luck, as it is also relatively low on the scale. One pound requires 538 gallons of water.

So it’s clear that some plant based foods need more water per pound than meat. We’d ask how that is good for the planet?

It’s clear the decision that Hythe Town Council will move to plant-based food and drink for all Council functions, needs more consideration and more evidence. Also we would strongly advise them to seek legal advice on this decision as there may well be grounds for discrimination, either direct or indirect.

We note what people eat at buffets held by HTC is more important than addressing what HTC could do about the flooding which has recently affected businesses and residents.

HTC could submit a funding application to Folkestone & Hythe District Council Climate & Ecological Emergency fund of £4.75 million, to help address this issue. But silence is golden. Perhaps this further demonstrates the Green Coalition which runs HTC is a singular issue coalition and only cares about Princes Parade and little else.

Moving on, we note the Mayorof Hythe, Naomi May Slade, officiated the Armed Forces day on Saturday 26th June from the Town Hall.

The Hythe Town Council website stated:

Due to the government guidelines for step 3 still being in place, we are not able to celebrate Armed Forces Day as we had hoped and planned. Therefore we cannot invite the public to this event.

Although the initial format had to be changed, we still would like to show our support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community: from currently serving troops to Service families, veterans and cadets.

Now of course many other Towns and Cities across the UK celebrated Armed Forces Day and people assembled to celebrate this day and our armed forces.

For those of you who might not be aware, Hythe has been a military town ever since it became a Cinque Port. Asdd to this it became home to the School of Musketry, which was established at Hythe in 1853, and this became the Small Arms School in 1919.

There are those who believe the Mayor’s actions were insenstive especially as some Councillors from Hythe Town Council had 4 “Events” at the Undercroft [of the Town Hall] this year where members of the public we encouraged to stop at the undercroft, talk and listen to speakers, and do activities- Earth Day on 22nd April, National Garden Day on 9th May, World Bee Day on 20th May and World Environment Day on 5th June, but they couldn’t have a parade for Armed Forces Day as they were concerned about people congregating.

Some people who give their respect and regard to our armed forces, might be sorely upset by the contradictory behaviour of Hythe Town Council.

Hythe Town Council is run by a Green Coalition, if they wish to ignore the military that is there perogative while in power. Also to dictate to those who will/may attend future HTC functions, the only menu will be a plant based food and drink menu  may well smack of the nanny state and denying people a choice.

Perhaps given a choice again in 2023, the people of Hythe might not so readily give their vote to a coalition which dictates what food and drink they can eat.

The Shepway Vox Team

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7 Comments on Hythe Town Council want you to eat plants and ignore our armed forces

  1. God’s answer to the vegetarians/vegans?
    A hot bacon roll, with s hint of tomato ketchup. Delicious.

  2. Ashley T // June 28, 2021 at 20:31 // Reply

    HTC as a statutory body has a responsibility for public safety. The Council determined that it would not have been safe in a pandemic to mark AFD in the usual manner. What’s the fuss for? No mention in this piece about how at the same meeting, the council voted unanimously to authorise the Mayor to re-sign the Armed Forces Covenant.

    I’d be very interested to know how not offering animal-based protein at council-organised functions could be discrimination against meat eaters. Does anyone have the right to eat an animal? It seems funny to talk about our rights to eat animals but if we all accept that animals are sentient then don’t they have a right to choose whether to be eaten?

    On the subject of choice at buffets, it wasn’t that long ago that vegetarian options were carrot sticks and bit of salad. How far we’ve come but my how much further we have to go.

  3. Plain Jane // June 29, 2021 at 12:26 // Reply

    If as Ashley T states, HTC determined it was not safe to congregate, then publish the risk assessment which should have been undertaken prior to the event.

    As for the food, one should consume less meat, but to deprive people of choice by passing an edict does not bode well for democracy at this micro level..

  4. Really disappointed the recent floods in the High Street not discussed, it has cost businesses & residents alot of money & horrendous upset!

    • The Shepway Vox Team // June 30, 2021 at 20:04 // Reply

      A Green Issue and absolute silence by HTC Green Coalition on this important issue to businesses and residents of Hythe. Really shows you they are all about Princes Parade.

    • Ashley T // July 1, 2021 at 16:42 // Reply

      Responsibility for surface water drainage from the highway is the responsibility of Kent County Council. The question which needs to be asked of the county council is are they clearing the surface water drainage gulley often enough. Hythe Town Council doesn’t have the power to clear the drains themselves.

      The author’s reply to L A’s comment is mischievous because they know full well that Kent County Council is the responsible authority.

      • The Shepway Vox Team // July 1, 2021 at 18:52 //

        What Mr T says about the drains isn’t quite correct and we’ll address that in a mo.

        Mr T fails to address the fact the “Green Coalition” so concerned about the Climate & Ecological disaster prioritises food over flooding.

        Given Mr T is an ex town Cllr, he appears to have learnt little during his time as a Cllr. So we’ll educate him and the alleged “Green Coalition”

        Under Section 260 of the Public Health Act (1936), parish/town councils have powers to undertake maintenance work on ponds, ditches, pools or other areas used for the collection of drainage or stagnant water in order to prevent it from becoming a public health risk.

        HTC could help flood prevention and reduction efforts by preparing community flood plans, raising additional funding for flood defence measures and organising the gathering and reporting of information on flood incidents in their community.

        This could include forming a Flood Action Group or contacting any existing groups in the area. More info can be found at the – National Flood Forum: https://nationalfloodforum.org.uk/working-together/communities/what-is-a-flood-action-group/

        HTC could also help prepare a Community Flood Plan, which would help the community respond quickly when flooding happens. A template on how to do this can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/community-flood-plan-template.

        So no it’s not all KCC, HTC can plan its role and the sooner it deals with flooding rather than what people can eat in their sandwiches the sooner the Green Coalition will demonstrate its true credentials to the residents and businesses of Hythe.

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