The Grand employees call out Michael Stainer!!


There are some very angry people who have lost all patience with Michael Stainer (below left), the twice-bankrupt ex-director of the Grand’s owners, and Robert Moss (right), ‘appointed’ in November 2018 to step into Stainer’s shoes.

These people are the Grand ex-employees, one of whom was brave enough to speak out and allow us to quote from recent emails she has sent and received. This person is Wendy Graetz, who was the sales and marketing manager of the Grand from 2018. She takes no prisoners:

“I don’t know because quite frankly I don’t care any more, nor believe anything you or Mr Moss have to say.”

They are demanding dates when Moss and Stainer will file for the liquidation of whichever company employed them — Easton’s Management Ltd or Seaside Hosts Ltd – because only then, can they get their redundancy, unpaid wages or holiday pay, which in some cases amount to over £14,000.

They are also angered at what they believe is fraudulent behaviour by Stainer and Moss, who, they allege, owe £60,000 in client refunds while keeping the Grand’s website alive. We have seen correspondence that seems to confirm this, for example:

“We might not be able to travel to England in 2021 again even we have a lot of students who would love to travel to England. Could you please confirm that you keep our credit of £1,211.25 for our future bookings?”

And this is the reply from Mr Moss, clearly writing his own emails, for a change:

Two days earlier, Stainer emailed:

On 23/08/2021 11:53:51, “Michael Stainer” <> wrote:


As you know, forcing us to close was not only improper, but also unlawful.

The matter is very much ongoing; what will hapen when, however, I am unble to predict.

Best MS

Michael Stainer The Lodge

The Grand The Leas Folkestone CT20 2XL

Mobile: +44 (0)7 841 565 298

Clearly grammar and spelling have gone out of the Grand’s window!

The depth of employees’ anger is best conveyed by this extract:

“Well, we are now tired of waiting for nothing. Neither you, nor the now missing* director Robert Moss (pictured), have made a single attempt to correspond with any of us, nor give our clients who trusted us, a credible explanation as to what you propose to do next.

Enough is enough, we have given you MORE than enough time to look yourself in the mirror, and find yourself wanting…. giving you the chance to man up and look out for those other than yourself. Your selfishness, ignorance and disrespect is atrocious and iniquitous to say the very least.”

*Missing Moss: after living since February rent free on someone else’s gas and electricity accounts in two flats in the Grand, Moss and his inamorata have fled to the Kent countryside — Lyminge, we believe – while hiding behind a fake FaceBook account:

Clearly, there is no belief amongst former staff whatsoever that that the Grand can re-open anytime soon. We have already seen evidence from the Palm Court, the most iconic feature of the Grand, that the years of neglect, the hiding of serious structural issues behind drapes and ceiling coverings, were a cheap and nasty way of deceiving clients. The drapes and coverings have been removed and this is what can be seen.

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And this is the environment in which employees still managed to provide guests with a good experience —- a miraculous effort treated with contempt by Moss and Stainer. Employees have had enough, and this message speaks for all of them:

“So, in conclusion, whilst you continue to forge ahead in your belief that The Grand will be returned to you and re-opened accordingly, this is your last chance of being asked to finalise the matter of sorting out our redundancy/insolvency before it goes to the next level, and believe me, it will.”

So watch this space as we’ll be reporting on the court proceedings for sure

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13 Comments on The Grand employees call out Michael Stainer!!

  1. Lovely to see Wendy has started to realise the truth, and act on it. Though she has got married, and is now to the best of my knowledge, known as Wendy S…. Inspector Andrew Brittenden at Folkestone Police Station would like to speak to her, his email is: or Wendy can call 101 and ask to speak to him.

  2. For members of staff who are local constituents, it is worth contacting MP Damian Collins. Damian is aware of the situation at The Grand, and if the staff contact him together, he may put them under the same case number. In most cases he will advise more than anything else, though he has recently contacted the Home Secretary for me. I find that mentioning Damian’s name helps speed things up, and puts me in the right direction. He is not holding any local surgeries this month, but he can be contacted on:
    020 7219 7072
    When emailing, put your address, so he knows you are a constituent. Good Luck and stay safe!

    • Not Impressed // August 26, 2021 at 19:03 // Reply

      What??? Our invisible MP and member of the circle in which Stainer not only caroused but actively supported is interested, what’s in it for him, local press headline – ‘hard working MP looking after closed hotel staff’s interests’. Cobblers is the only word on my lips, as for a whole sentence I’d go as far as glossing over unfortunate associations within the Folkestone Conservative clique – it’s all wind & p*ss

  3. Legal eagle // August 26, 2021 at 11:27 // Reply

    First port of call in any dispute over unpaid wages, redundancy etc is ACAS. You must engage with them before you take a claim to the Employment Tribunal to secure a judgement. The Tribunal insist on this.

  4. AORG (Association of residents at The Grand), myself and others who have been involved in situations at The Grand, have kept Damian Collins informed for some years now. Therefore Damian has alot of information in his records that may be useful to the staff. It sounds like Damian chooses to be invisible to certain people 😂 I wonder why that is? 😁

  5. There are apparently no level to which MS will not sink to make money. He has avoided paying staff their dues,not paid maintenance charges and left residents with astronomical bills. Meanwhile he claims that closure of his commercial activities was improper! then there is the curious case of residents astronomical electricity bills and the fact that some holiday lets had no meters. As for Mr Collins, does he have to stand by anyone who nominated him as a parliamentary candidate? I hope the staff get some recompense bur it will not be easy.

  6. Why was a local Tory councillor handing out leaflets obviously authored by and defending Michael Stainer during the Oldtimers Car Rally on the Leas?

  7. Was that the one titled “Grand Heist”? What a work of fiction that is. MS and RM have never taken responsibility for the many issues at The Grand. It’s always someone else’s fault!!

  8. I hope someone sent a copy to the CPS because the man is charged with serious fraud and is awaiting trial, so clearly he must be on bail of some kind. He actually admits to breaking and entering!!!

  9. doggerbank56 // September 3, 2021 at 10:22 // Reply

    I can only assume that the local Tory councillor handing out the leaflets was in some way shape or form indebted to Michael Stainer and that Michael Stainer was seeking payback. Perhaps the Councillor concerned would like to identify him or her self and explain their actions.

  10. Tory revbel // September 4, 2021 at 13:52 // Reply

    Anne Berry — it was she!!!!!!

  11. Would Shepway Vox like to offer Anne Berry the opportunity to explain her actions?

    I and no doubt many others would be fascinated to read her rationale for supporting Michael Stainer to the bitter end.

    • A sore broke // September 7, 2021 at 07:24 // Reply

      At the same time she will also have the opportunity to explain the disgraceful refusal to liquidate the companies, thus denying the employees their rightful redundancy payments.

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