Proposed 132 Homes for High Knocke, Dymchurch, backed by offshore money.

An outline planning application [21/2525/FH] for a residential development of 132 dwellings, at High Knocke, Dymchurch, is currently under consultation.

The application has been submitted by Redbridge Estates Limited, whose sole director is William Richard James Moss, a Chartered Surveyor. The company was incorporated on the 22 Jan 2020, according to Companies House. Redbridge Estates Ltd is owned by two further companies, these being:

East Stour Development Ltd

Country Commercial Properties Limited

It is East Stour Development Ltd who have owned the land since 17 May 1991, according to land registry documents. The Person of Significant Control of this company is Mr. John Russell Flisher, whose office is registered at 9 Orgarswick Avenue, Dymchurch, Romney Marsh, TN29 0NX.

That said on the 17 Feb 2021, a restriction was placed on the land which makes clear the land cannot be sold by Mr Flisher’s company, without written consent signed by Country Commercial Properties Limited or their conveyancer.

So who owns Country Commercial Properties Limited? This is where it gets interesting.

The persons of significant control of the company are:

Mr William Richard James Moss,  who is the sole director in Redbridge Estates Ltd, and applicant for the planning permission.

Gesamt Anstalt – a company based in the offshore jurisdiction of Liechtenstein 

Gesamt Anstalt is registered at c/o Audina Treuhand Aktiengesellschaft Landstrasse 37, 9490 Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, which is an offshore tax jurisdiction. It has two directors who are NOT the owners and, who joined the company on the 27, Oct 2021. They are:

  • Ciaran Oliver McNamee

  • Hannes Mähr

Now Ciaran is a Solicitor in the UK and is/or was working for Nigel Harris & Partners in St Helier, Jersey, another offshore tax jurisdiction. He can also be found sitting on the bench as a substitute player for FC Bad Ragaz, based in Switzerland.

Hannes Mähr is Liechenstien Lawyer who specializes in tax law amongst other things. He also sits on foundation boards at Audina Treuhand AG and, works as a trustee for international clients.

Audina Treuhand AG state on their website:

Welcome at Audina Group

As an entrepreneur who operates businesses on an international stage it is natural that you are keen to organise your business and financial affairs in a way that takes advantage of the most favourable and efficient international tax rates and protects your assets.

The reality, however, can be both a great deal more complicated – a host of legal and statutory regulations must be negotiated in order to attain the most efficient tax status, both for individuals and companies.

So the development of 132 homes at High Knocke, Dymchurch, is more likely than not about minimizing taxes via the ownership structure. Alas, this is not a planning consideration. It is though a transparency issue, so we thought we ought to flag it to the people of Dymchurch, who have a right to known there are offshore lawyers, and an offshore company involved in the application, behind the scenes.

We note there is no viability assessment on the Council’s website, as is necessary by law. We wonder if any Dymchurch resident might ask the council to put it on their planning portal, so we can discover if they’ll be any affordable housing for the scheme.

On 19th May 2021, the first Parish Council consultation exhibition event was held in the evening at a private office [9 Orgarswick Ave?] with exhibition space central to Dymchurch. The parish councillors in attendance were: Councillor Mcreedey, Cllrs Doug & Cathy Young, Cllr Williams & Cllr Coker. Representatives from the design team in attendance were: William Moss, Redbridge Estates Ltd Craig Dobson, RDA Architects James Reuther, RDA Architects Michael Crook, RDA Architects. “After the presentation it was suggested that the councillors were all very positive about the proposal and they supported it. It seemed to be agreed by all”, according to the developer, Redbridge Estates Limited in their Design & Access Statement. Possible Bias and/or pre-determination?

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On Wednesday 14th July, 2021, between 10am & 4pm, the first public consultation exhibition event was held at Dymchurch Village Hall.

The exhibition was attended by more than 100 people taking part over the day with 4 representatives from the design team; Redbridge Estates Ltd, RDA Architects and HW & Co. Landscape Architects, on hand to discuss the development.

The High Knocke planning application will be discussed at the next meeting of Dymchurch Parish Council, which will be held on 7th February, 2022, at the Methodist Hall, Chapel Road, Dymchurch at 7.00pm.

So, if you wish to make your opinion known, you can attend the meeting, or leave a comment on Folkestone & Hythe District Council’s planning portal.

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4 Comments on Proposed 132 Homes for High Knocke, Dymchurch, backed by offshore money.

  1. The meeting must be February 2022 not 2021.
    It was High Knocke. – with an E – when I lived there.
    All our houses were farmland once!

  2. With at least 2 people per household on the plan, that means another 250+ applying for doctors, dentists etc. It’s very difficult for existing residents to get appointments now, so what chaos will ensue if this application gets the go-ahead.

  3. The proposal is ludicrous, the amount of people that will live there will choke the road that is already very busy, no extra schools no extra dentists no extra doctors in fact nothing extra …… there is no infrastructure to cope with all this EXTRA housing all that is to be seen on that plan is loads of £££££££ and no consideration for the people of HIGH KNOCKE . Two housing estates have already gone up one behind SAINSBURYS and one called Martello estate down from High Knocke, then the big one from Ashford to Hythe called OTTERPOOL none of the existing roads are going to cope with all this traffic, and I know what the builders will say we will account for this and when planing is PASSED nothing about roads doctors or schools will be DONE, I think I speak for all of High Knocke we will fight this proposal tooth and nail to stop this BLOT ON THE LANDSCAPE 💪

  4. I have just read some of the proposals that would be so good for Dymchurch, it read it would be good for Dymchurch because of all of the jobs in the area WHAT JOBS ARE THEY ON ABOUT ??? there is one small Tescos a few tea shops one pub and so on hardly a bustling town more a sleepy unspoilt VILLAGE, one concerned councillor said there was no more need for housing in Dymchurch as there is no infrastructure for all of the proposed traffic.

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