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Updated 10.04.22 @16:20

Faceless and nameless they are. We don’t know what position they held at Folkestone & Hythe District Council, but we do know that in 2020/21, they earned more than the Chief Executive & Head of Paid Services, Dr Susan Julia Priest (pictured).

Each year, the Taxpayers Alliance releases The Town Hall Rich List of Council Officer salaries. The latest data released just three days ago, and spans the financial year 01.04.20 to 31.3.21, shows that an unknown officer, with an unknown position earned £10,786 more than the Chief Executive, Dr Susan Priest, in 2020/21.

When compared against the FHDC Organisation Strucutre Chart which shows the maximum possible salary for the then seven named senior officers of the Council at April 1st 2020, it shows three were earning more than was officially published by the council, and one was earning less than the lowest amount possible.

Looking at the Council’s accounts for 2020/21, leaves no clues as to who the identity of the person might be, as nobody was earning that amount in 2020/21.

Below is the Taxpayers Alliance interactive map, for you to play with.

We cannot tell you the identity of the mysterious person, who earned £147,500 in 2020/21. If any reader knows the identity of the individual, you can always drop us a line at shepwayvox [at] riseup [dot] net, with any evidence you might have. Confidentiality is assured.

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  1. Knowing this council and it’s extremely strict adherance to the “Peter Principle” then I’d guess that the mystery person is likely a cleaners who should actually be on £14,750pa.

  2. I know exactly what’s going on here it’s our good old financial whizz kid David Monk .
    He’s been doing the accounts again after he did so well with the Otterpool accounts .
    Don’t worry yourself he’s a trained Masseuse who’s more than capable of massaging simple figures .

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