All current spending paused on Princes Parade

Last week it was announced the Leader of the Council recommended suspending further spending on Princes Parade due to price hikes on the contract and the energy.

Well today 01.11.22, Cllr David Monk (Con) (pictured) Leader of Folkestone & Hythe District Council has agreed to pause all current spending on the Princes Parade project to assess the options available moving forward.

Decision Number 22/056 was taken today by Cllr Monk which agrees to

To pause current spending on the project.

To agree that officers re-evaluate available options in light of the current economic climate and propose a way forward.

What most certainly will happen is Council Officer’s will produce a report for Cabinet in December 2022, ahead of the budget & council tax setting meeting in February 2023.

This decision is subject to call in, but Cllr Lesley Whybrow (pictured) Cabinet Member for the Environment (Green) believe it is “unlikely to be called in.”

The Council’s Call in Procedure is set out in Part 6.3 and Part 7.3 of the Council’s Constitution

A decision, such as this made by Cllr Monk should be published within three clear working days. This has been done.

The notice of the decision will be dated – it is –  and will specify that the decision will come into force – it does – and may be implemented, on the expiry of five clear working days after the publication of the decision, unless a valid request has been received by the Head of Paid Service, objecting to the decision and asking for it to be called in. This does not apply to an urgent decision – this is not an urgent decision so doesn’t apply.

So who can call in a decision. Well that falls to any three or more members of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, who may request that a decision is called in, during the five clear working days after the publication of the notice of the decision – the call-in period.

So any three or more of these Cllrs, may if they so choose, call in the decision and they have until 5pm on the 8 November.

Cllr Susan Carey (Con)

Cllr Peter Gane (Lib Dem)

Cllr Michelle Keutenius (Lab)

Cllr Connor McConville (Lab)

Cllr Terence Mullard (UKIP)

Cllr Patricia Rolfe (Con)

Cllr Rebecca Shoob (Green)

Cllr John Wing (Green)

If they fail to call in the decision by the 8 Nov, the decision stands and spending on Princes Parade is suspended.

One must remember the Overview & Scrutiny Committee can only recommend to Cabinet and Cabinet can ignore it. It is the Lion which can never roar, as Cabinet can prevent any recommendation.

So for now, spending on Princes Parade has most definitely been suspended, it does not mean in any way that the Council have abandoned the project.

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6 Comments on All current spending paused on Princes Parade

  1. It beggars belief that a Council could not foresee interest rate rises. It does question the validity of local planning and viability studies undertaken.

  2. There are no options to move this vanity project forward so will Monk now reinstate as best as possible the land that has been disturbed and then will he take sole responsibility for this farce that’s cost us the Tax Payer £4.5 million and resign ?

    • Hythe Resident // November 17, 2022 at 22:48 // Reply

      Woah, £4.5M of taxpayer money?! Could you please link the data so I can read up on this. Thank you.

  3. Left to nature the land will gradually recover. Hopefully this is the end and come next May’s local elections fingers crossed we will see the end of David Monk as council leader in the local elections in May 2023.

    • It would be nice to witness the demise of Cllr. Monk and his hairbrained schemes. If you add up all of the local housing projects in progress it is difficult to see how we cannot meet government targets, or exceed them to a large extent. Can Brownie points be redeemed against housing decisions?

    • It won’t happen, he will be installed in a safe ward to ensure he continues. Too many people’s incomes depend on his lead.

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