Exodus from Council Finance Department

Exodus (noun) =  a lot of people leave that place at the same time.

She is the second most senior finance officer at Folkestone & Hythe District Council, yet her job is now being advertised. The finance department is NOT  a large department.

Cheryl Ireland (pictured left) is, the Chief Financial Services Officer & Deputy S151 Officer at Folkestone & Hythe District Council. She reports to Charlotte Spendley, who is the s151 Officer and responsible for all things money at the Council.

In an article written by Cheryl on the Accounting & Business website, she makes it clear, in her own words, she prepares the Council’s “annual budgets, set the council tax requirement for the district and lead the final accounts process, producing the annual statement of accounts.”

As we have reported the Council statement of accounts for 2021/22, have not yet been published on the Council’s website. The Council missed the 01.08.22 deadline for the public inspection of the accounts. They will also miss the 30.11.22 deadline to publish an audited set of financial accounts for 2021/22.

As of today 03.11.22, the annual statement of accounts for 2021/22 have still not been published, three months and three days after they should have been. Also the accounts for the 2019/20 and 2020/21, have not been signed off by the external auditor Grant Thornton. This clearly indicates there are serious financial issues ongoing inside the Council. The accounts are something Mrs Ireland’s prepares as she makes clear in the article referenced above.

But it is not just Mrs Ireland who is leaving the Council’s finance team. The Chief Accountant and the  Finance Senior Specialist (Capital & Treasury) are on their way as well. These jobs, along with Mrs Ireland’s, are being advertised on the Council’s website.

It is strange that at a time when budget’s are being set at the council, and all hands are needed on deck, that three important and senior members of the finance team are leaving.

It is not known if the three people leaving the finance department have jumped, or been pushed. Given the number of financial irregularities that have occurred since the turn of the year, if all three of them have jumped, it might turn out to be a smart career move.

It’s most certainly an exodus, but not quite a mass exodus. We are sure though, whatever the reason for the exodus, it’ll come out in the wash. When it does we’ll report it.

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  1. The three of them probably sat down over an expenses paid lunch and decided they weren’t going to be the scape goat for the financial mismanagement that is going on .

  2. They have worked out that if they remain with the Council that they will never find work again once the true extent of the Council’s financial mismanagement comes to light.

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