Finally, the Council comply with the law

Better late than never is what they say!

Finally, Folkestone & Hythe District Council have complied with the law, two days late, but as we said better late than never.

The Council, today put up the notice of delay to the publication of the un-audited Statement of Accounts 2021-22 on their website.  See our post from yesterday when we had to remind them of their responsibilities about complying with the law.

The notice of delay was meant to be put up on the 30 Nov 2022, but went up today on the 2 Dec 2022.

It took the Shepway Vox Team to point out to the Council they were breaking the law.

Thankfully, one or the other, or perhaps even both of the very well paid statutory officers, rectified the issue, these being:

Charlotte Spendley responsible for the Council’s money and known as the s151 Officer – Salary, including fees & allowance £109,665

Amandeep Khroud  responsible for all things legal at the Council, and its monitoring officer – Salary, including fees & allowance £101,617

Why does it take us to remind these two very well paid statutory officers of their responsibilities!!!! Both in their way are responsible for taxpayers money, but neither seems able, or competent, to keep on top of their responsibilities as the evidence suggests.

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  1. They still haven’t published the accounts and I doubt if this corrupt Coucil ever will . Too much to lose for too many individuals.

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