Council to press on with controversial Princes Parade redevelopment

Members should note however that there is a critical path which would need to be followed and this does not allow for any slippage, delay, or process frustration.

Ever since Princes Parade was mooted as a location for a Leisure Centre, residents of Hythe, and elsewhere, have set out to frustrate the process and construction of it. They have done this legitimately and lawfully. They continue to do so, lobbying their elected members and using their rights to raise petitions and keep Princes Parade firmly on the local media radar. We urge them to continue, peacefully and lawfully.

At Cabinet on Wednesday 14 Dec 2022, Option B for Princes Parade as set out in Report Number C/22/73 was proposed by Cllr David Monk (Con) & seconded by Cllr David Godfrey (Con) and can be summarized as follows:

Do just the necessary work to implement the planning permission – this would require all outstanding pre-commencement planning conditions to be satisfied and the permission implemented. This option considers what in practice would need to be done to affect this, and the potential added value arising.

Cllr Prater had other ideas and proposed Option C, which summarized

Stop the project while future land uses are considered – this would immediately stop the project while more detailed work is undertaken. This option considers the extent of the immediate financial impact on the council of terminating the project and an assessment of any legal requirement to remediate the known land contamination.

However, even though gaining a seconder in Cllr Lesley Whybrow (Green) for Option C, when put to the vote did not succeed. Nor did any of their reasoned arguments persuade their Cabinet colleagues to vote against Option B.

This means the Princes Parade project will continue and a further £370,000 (estimated) plus will be spent Securing the Planning Permission, as per option B.

One must bear in mind Princes Parade was not previously listed on the Council’s Public Register of contaminated land for the purposes of Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Extensive site testing was carried out in the preparatory stages of the project to discharge the planning conditions for site remediation for contamination. With this new data, there is a need to reassess the land and whilst this is completed, as a precaution the site hoarding should remain
in place to secure the site.

The actions needed to secure the planning permission on the site are as follows:

Habitat creation plan for phases 2a and 2b submitted and approved by the LPA (Condition 17).

LPA approves the remediation plan for the ‘road’ phase of the project (Condition 25c).

Site investigations carried out for the main site and site remediation plan prepared and approved (Condition 25b).

LPA approves remediation plan for ‘main site’ phase (Condition 25c).

‘Material’ operations completed onsite sufficient to implement the planning permission. A material operation can include any works of construction, demolition, digging foundations, laying out or constructing a road and a material change in the use of the land (Section 86.2 Town and Country Planning Act 1990).

One notes with interest the Council are currently advertising an opportunity for companies to tender for a Contaminated Land (CL) consultant. This opened on 09/12/2022 at 16:30 and runs until 23/01/2023 at 09:00am.

Let’s not forget all this rumbles on because of one man, and no, it is NOT Cllr David Drury Monk; it’s his fellow Cabinet colleague, Cllr Ray Field, whose support and vote allowed Princes Parade to continue.

If the strict critical path is followed, and if there isn’t any slippage, delay, or process frustration, then a further estimated £370,000 will be spent. However, if there are legimitate and lawful ways to frustrate this process;  or throw a spanner in the works, then we urge you to use your rights to do so, peacefully and lawfully.

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  1. Of course they’ll press on its Monks little baby .
    May elections are just around the corner . The Tories will be gone and I feel sorry for whoever has to clear this mess up .

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