Anomalies in SDC Accounts Part 2

Cllr Russell Tillson (pictured below) was formerly an elected Shepway District Council Cllr for Dymchurch. He lost his seat in the recent elections of May 2015. Former Cllr Tillson was Deputy Leader of SDC.

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Here are Cllr Tillson expenses claim  for the financial year 2014/15, taken from SDC accounts. Click on the month to view info

April 14 May 14 June 14 July 14 Aug 14 Sept 14 Oct 14 Nov 14 Dec 14 Jan 15 Feb 15 March 15 April 15

Former Cllr Tillson has a concessionary bus pass as he is a Senior Citizen. These bus passes are valid between the hours of 9.30am – 11pm Mon – Fri and without time constraints on Sat or Sun or Bank Holidays.

Another elected Councillor was Mr Peter Simmons (pictured below). Cllr Simmons would often give Cllr Tillson a lift to and from Council Meetings. Cllr Simmons was also an elected Cllr for New Romney and was re-elected in May 2015.


I make it very clear that Cllr Simmons has in NO WAY done anything wrong whatsoever.

However with regards to former Cllr Tillson, there appear to be significant anomalies with his expenses. This may he well be able to be explain, I’m sure he’ll give a good account of himself to Shepway District Council and the District Auditor, Emily Hill of Grant Thornton.

In the meantime I have posted former Cllr Tillson’s claim for expenses and also Cllr Simmons as he was in the sensible habit of sharing his car with Mr Tillson when they both needed to attend Council meetings

So let’s begin


This month appears to have no anomalies

MAY 14

On the 14/5/14 Cllr Simmons gives a lift to and from New Romney to Former Cllr Tillson. However, when one looks at Cllr Tillson’s expense claim, it appears that he was not even at the meeting, perhaps and oversight by Cllr Tillson and Cllr Simmons.


On the 4/6/14 and the 11/6/14 Cllr Tillson receives a lift both ways from Cllr Simmons. On the 19/6/14 Cllr Tillson receives a lift from Cllr Simmons one way only.

It would appear from Cllr Tillson expenses sheet he did not attend the meeting on the 4/6/14.

On the 11/6/14 Cllr Tillson appears to be in Cllr Simmons car plus in a private taxi. Now being in two places at once is as far as I am aware highly improbable, darned impossible, so how can this anomaly be explained?

On the 19/6/14 Cllr Tillson receives a lift to the Council, then elects to take a private taxi home. The last bus from Folkestone at this time was 10.07pm from the bus station, and 10.09pm from Trinity Gardens. Cllr Tillson would have had ample time to catch this bus, but elects to take a taxi instead. Another significant anomaly.

On the 26/06/14 Cllr Tillson takes a private taxi home at 9.15pm. However, the receipt shows that he took the taxi from Hythe. How can Cllr Tillson be in Hythe and the Civic centre at 9.15pm?


On 23/7/14 Cllr Tillson attends the Resources scrutiny committee, which would finish about 10.30pm, as it takes approximately 30 mins by car to New Romney. It is not visible on the Council’s website to see what time this meeting finished, so it cannot be verified what time it did finish and whether or not Cllr Tillson was eligible to claim a taxi or not. All I can say is that Cllr Tillson caught the Cab in Hythe. From Folkestone the fare is between £20.00 – £30.00 pounds, so again another anomaly.

On the 30/7/14 Cllr Tillson takes another taxi, this time from Seabrook at the cost of £20.00. the buses on this date run till 10pm, why couldn’t Cllr Tillson catch the bus? Another anomaly. [See Aug 14]

Aug 14

There appear to be no anomalies here.


Cllr Tillson attended the Audit meeting on the 24/9/14 but from his expenses sheet it appears he did not. Cllr Simmons clearly states he gave a lift to Cllr Tillson both ways. This is another anomaly.

OCT 14

Cllr Tillson receives a lift from Cllr Simmons on the 1/10/14 one way, which way it is not clear, from or to?

Cllr Tillson claims two taxis one on the 8/10/14 and the second on the 15/10/14. On the 8/10/14 it is understandable Cllr Tillson has taken a bus, as the last bus would have left Folkestone. However, on the 15/10/14, buses were still running and therefore it would not have been necessary for Cllr Tillson to take a taxi as his concessionary bus pass would have allowed him to travel for free. Another anomaly.

On the 28/10/14 Cllr Simmons gives Cllr Tillson a lift, we do not know if this was one way or both ways as he does not say. However Cllr Tillson claims that he took a bus to Folkestone and a Taxi home, this does not sit with what Cllr Simmons states. Another significant anomaly [See Nov 14 for the 28/10/14]

NOV 14

On the 12/17 and 19/11/14 Cllr Simmons gives Cllr Tillson a lift, it is not clear if this is both ways. On the 13/11/14 Cllr Tillson indicates he received a lift from Cllr Simmons, but this is not on his claims form, again another anomaly.

DEC 14

On the 17/12/14 Cllr Tillson attend a meeting then claims for a taxi home at the cost of £25.00. There is no receipt. How can this be audited? Also as the meeting ended early enough Cllr Tillson could have easily caught the bus, but did not. More anomalies.

JAN 15

On the 14/1/15 Cllr Simmons gives Cllr Tillson a lift to and from New Romney, Cllr Tillson however states that he is in a private taxi, again he appears to be in two places at once. On the 20, 21/1/15 Cllr Tillson receives a lift one way from Cllr Simmons.

On the 13/20/21 and 22/1/14 Cllr Tillson finished earlier enough to take a bus home but elects not to. Further anomalies.

FEB 15

There appear to be no anomalies here.


There appear to be no anomalies here


There appear to be no anomalies here

If you see anything I have missed post a comment. Thanks.

All the Cllrs expenses were received during the 20 day window the accounts must be open by law.

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  1. David Baker // August 17, 2015 at 12:41 // Reply

    No surprise here, no doubt there are some “bottoms” jingling” at SDC, Oh! How I would like to be fly on the wall in the back rooms of SDC.

  2. I remember Russell Tilson at Tonbridge School. He paid out £100k+ to students on an early 90’s study break when a Grand National bet when spectacularly wrong. An ‘interesting’ chap our Russell.

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