Shepway Facts

23.2% of adults in Shepway are over 65.

22.7% of children live in poverty in Shepway

39.60% of adults in Shepway have no qualifications and/or no Level 1 qualifications.

£20,200 is the average income per taxpayer in Shepway. 

21.0% of adults in Shepway have a long-term illness or disability.

11.6% of adults in Shepway have never been online

31.8% of employee jobs below the living wage

If you wanted to buy a house at the median price and earned 20,200, the median price in 2014 was 6.2 times your salary, CT19, CT20. You needed 38,642 as a deposit to buy it.

Population of Shepway at end of 2014 stood at 117,000



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