SDC Want to Change the Name of Our District

Shepwayvox calls upon Shepway District Council (SDC) to give the people of Shepway a local referendum

We ask for a local referendum because SDC are going to change the name of Shepway. At this moment they cannot decide whether to call us

Folkestone & Hythe District Council – or – Folkestone, Hythe & Romney Marsh District Council

We believe it should be the latter as this name is inclusive of all our wonderful district.

In 1974 Shepway District Council was born. SDC has been a living entity for 42 years. Prior to that SDC was called the Folkestone Corporation.

Now Cllr Jan Holben (C) (below) – Chairman of the Council,  often tells those of us who sit in the public gallery at Council meetings

 that she all too often has to tell people where Shepway is. Is this due to the fact SDC shut down the tourism department within the council to save costs?

Anyway, in the spirit of democracy, we Shepwayvox have given you the people of Shepway the chance to share your opinion on the matter, as we believe SDC will not.

So here is a survey we would ask you to participate in, there are only 3 questions. We will publish the results.


Of course a name change means all headed paper, the design of the website and a lot of other things will need to be changed. This no doubt will be expensive and does it mean more people will know where to find Shepway? We hope so after all that extra expense.



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5 Comments on SDC Want to Change the Name of Our District

  1. Why does your survey make no mention of Romney Marsh? First, we have a Romney Marsh representative on SDC taken away as we are split up and lumped in with the larger towns of the Marsh and now your survey options remove all reference to Romney Marsh. How inclusive is that?

    Dear AS, it was an error on our part. The survey has been changed to address the issue you raised. Our apologies. Shepwayvox


  3. It had better be named something easy so that Luetchhford can get it rite when he writed stuff four the local newspaper’s and piblishers whom can print importent stuff like Sheppway Lifline.

  4. Why change the name? If people do not know of us, cannot find us, so much the better. For one I am embarrased by some of the edicts of this Council and would prefer that we cannot be identified and ridiculed.

  5. I have to agree with the above statement.

    Surely SDC cannot afford to change their name now they are spending millions buying good agricultural farms/land.

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