I Promise to Tell the Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing but The Truth.

Cllr David Drury Monk  (C) 72 in this edition of  ”The Looker”,  22nd June 2016  informs us on page 20/21:

“At the age of 72 he feels well qualified to take the reins of the Council following a career mostly centred around sales. In particular, as a Director of Britelite Windows, he oversaw an increase in annual turnover from £1 million to £8 million”

The Looker

Now we ask you, the good people of Shepway, what do you understand by the words, “as a Director of Britelite Windows”?

These six words bothered us, so we decided to check at Companies House the validity of the above statement. Well guess what, we found no evidence that Cllr David Drury Monk has ever been a ‘Director of Britelite Windows.

Now do you see why we asked the question?  The statement and the fact do not tally. Does this surprise you?

We reported in Nov 2015 what companies Cllr David Drury Monk had been a ‘Director’ of, and Britelite Windows was certainly not one of them.

Monk 2

We fail to understand how Cllr Monk could make a statement; which with all the evidence before you appears to be false. Perhaps he’ll fall back on that old gambit he so often uses. ‘I do not recollect saying that.’

Cllr David Drury Monk has sat on the council since 1992. From that time he held the position of Director in 4 companies. These companies all sold Double Glazing, the last company being wound up – according to The London Gazette was in 2011. The question we’d like to ask is:

Did SDC  ever purchase any windows from any of David’s companies?

Anyway people, ‘The Looker’ is owned by a company called Marsh Media Limited. The sole director and editor of The Looker, is according to Companies House  Mr David William Wimble (below), who was a former Conservative Councillor for New Romney Ward.

Councillor David Wimble

Has The Looker become a mouthpiece for the Conservatives on the Marsh? Has The Looker peddled what appears to be an untruth, more by accident than design? We’ll leave you to decide that.



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6 Comments on I Promise to Tell the Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing but The Truth.

  1. Would you trust a double glazing salesman?

  2. Oh Dear. I can not say I am surprised by anything the Tories do or say.

  3. David Monk lie to you, surely not. Did he lie to your over the purchase of the Otterpool land being for agricultural purposes? He says not, I say he did. Whether you believe him or not depends much upon your belief in Fairies.

    Did he lie when promoting Emily Arnold to be selected for election to Town Council when she could not qualify? Again your Fairy belief needs to be stretched.

    I enjoy the company of David but would not trust him beyond the area to which I could throw him.

    David Cameron is stepping down. Perhaps our David could have designs?

  4. David Wimble, and the Looker say no more

  5. David Wimble writes only cr*p in the Looker

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