A Runner & Rider in the KCC Elections, May 4th 2017


We at the Shepwayvox team are proud to announce that our public face, Bryan Anthony Rylands (pictured below, centre) is standing as a Independent Candidate in the Folkestone West Division in the forthcoming KCC Elections on May 4th.


He is pictured here with Frederik Obermaier & Bastian Obermayer who gave the world the Panama Papers

He promises that during the election campaign he will not claim expenses to clean a moat, hire a battle bus, or hire Noble Purposes.

More to Follow soon.

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4 Comments on A Runner & Rider in the KCC Elections, May 4th 2017

  1. I hope he gives the Nasty and Brexidiot Party a damn good kick in the ballots !!!!!

  2. Delighted to be standing behind, alongside and even in front of Bryan. Let’s make sure that our under 25s get out and vote — it’s their future our current councillors are screwing up!

  3. Am delighted to support Bryan. A true gentleman, a man of his word. He is extremley passionate about all the causes he fights for. Bryan would make a great representative for Folkestone West. I too have lost faith in the established parties. It’s refreshing to have a knowledgeable independent individual to stand up & fight for what is right. All the best Bryan, right beside you all the way.

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