Policy No 3 – Part 2 Transparency & Accountability. Fat Cat Pay of KCC Senior Directors.

_61050014_5a530fb9-c2c9-4934-9c38-8773b7f31bc8Whilst Shepway residents face an inflation busting council tax increase of 3.99%, it has emerged today that the fat cats at Kent County Council are becoming fatter.

If elected to KCC in May I will be arguing for an open and transparent review of top officers pay with the aim of a substantial reduction. 

According to research published today by the Taxpayers Alliance, Kent County Council has topped the fat-cats pay league for South East England with 26 officers earning in excess of £100,000 a year.  Out of those 26,  8 earned in excess of £150,000!  3 of the top 8 earned more than £200,000; a staggering salary by anyone’s standard, especially if you live and work in Shepway where the average wage is £429 per week or 22,308 per year – the the third lowest rate in south east England and ten times less than the best paid council bosses in south east England  at the KCC offices in Maidstone.


The total annual pay bill for KCCs  26 fat cat bosses must be approaching   £4 million a year probably more!  Bearing in mind the massive cuts in KCC social services and the poor state our potholed roads I think there should be an urgent review of top officers pay and all of the money saved from such a review invested back into front line services. Better still, KCC should be abolished altogether and its powers and budgets devolved to new unitary councils across Kent. A move which will save even more money.


David Cockburn, Andrew Ireland and Patrick Leeson all received packages of more than £200k

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2 Comments on Policy No 3 – Part 2 Transparency & Accountability. Fat Cat Pay of KCC Senior Directors.

  1. These are ordinary mortals as far as I know, none of them possess supernatural powers. Why are we paying them such obscene sums for doing an ordinary job?.

    They will, of course, claim that they are in charge of hundreds, maybe thousands, of we lesser beings but so what. I could do that, you could do that. What makes these people special?

    Some offices in the higher echelons of KCC need to go.

  2. “Some offices in the higher echelons of KCC need to go.?”
    That would probably be rather expensive – bonuses, redundancy golden bu@@er off payments and extended pension payments – then a month or two later they’d be back round the KCC trough as consultants.

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