An Open Assault On Democracy By Damian Collins & His Party.



On 26 May 2016: Damian Collins MP (pictured) voted in favour of repealing the Human Rights Act 1998.

Damian is one of candidates standing for election in the Folkestone & Hythe Constituency on June the 8th and he fully supports the Conservative Manifesto its contents and his Prime Minister, Theresa May. The manifesto Damian Collins MP supports, contains the following chilling paragraph:

  • The British public deserves to have confidence in our democracy. We will legislate to ensure that a form of identification must be presented before voting, to reform postal voting and to improve other aspects of the elections process to ensure our elections are the most secure in the world. We will retain the traditional method of voting by pencil and paper, and tackle every aspect of electoral fraud.

A quick and simple Q & A session

Question: How many types of photo ID are there in the UK?

Answer: 2. Your Passport & Your Driving Licence.

2 – both cost money.

Question: Are they necessary to live in the UK?

Answer: No

In or around 2019 it will become a requirement for voters to show Photo ID to Vote.

It is estimated that maybe 3.5 million people now on the electoral roll do not have photo ID . And the Tory Plan; which Damian is signed up to, is that they would not be allowed to vote.


Damian Collins MP (pictured) commitment to the Conservative Manifesto is a direct attack on the universal mandate. Art 3 of the First Protocol of the Human Rights Act 1998, gives us the right to vote. Needless to say, it is a right and not a privilege.  And Damian, as we have said: voted in favour of repealing the Human Rights Act 1998.

As an aside, in 2015 (before he voted to repeal the HRA)  Damian Collins, the Conservative MP and Fifa reform campaigner, warned that big-name sponsors of the World Cup  will have blood on their hands” if they fail to pressure the 2022 host country, Qatar, to improve conditions for migrant workers. On 14-17 February 2017, as part of an All Party Parliamentary Group he visited Qatar to discuss issues relating to workers rights and welfare; which we find highly ironic, since he does not believe in rights as he wishes to scrap the Human Rights Act 1998, and neither he, nor his party have stated what they will replace it with.


Anyway, It will also mean taxation without representation, and of course it will benefit the Tories – quelle surprise -, since most of those without ID in Shepway are on lower incomes.

And it won’t change electoral fraud because there is almost no recorded electoral fraud in the UK. There was in Northern Ireland, where photo ID has helped eliminate it, we agree. But there the photo ID is free.

If it is to be replicated in the rest of the UK this is not just a non starter, it’s a full and open assault on democracy itself and Damian Collins MP fully supports it.


You can Register to vote for the General Election on June 8th up until the 22/05/17 and can do so using this portal to the register to vote website.

A further thing to consider is that if ID is introduced could it been seen as the re-introduction of Identity Cards legislation?

The Shepwayvox Team – Dissent is NOT a Crime

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4 Comments on An Open Assault On Democracy By Damian Collins & His Party.

  1. So you must be alive and with ID to vote. On the other hand if you’re dead and vote by post……

  2. I wouldn’t put anything past the Tories. They want to control the Internet and what we can and can’t view,post etc. Now they have U turned on Social Care. It’s obvious this lady is for turning. Oh and there’s that idea about mutualisations of council in the Tory Manifesto – read Super Councils; which the SV Team wrote so splendidly about. Keep Up the Good Work

  3. Why any problem with ID? It could possibly have prevented Manchester and the slaughter of the innocents. Granted that to obtain ID should be free of charge I see it as only a good thing in these troubled times.

    Try travelling abroad without a Passport and see how far you get.

    If some Puddled Arse wants to blow me to bits I would like my decendants to know who to hate and to question why this person had not been deported years before.

    I am all for known dissidents being arrested, deported, and their family members and known associates being deported with them.

    This is my Country where we choose to dwell in peace. Tree huggers should migrate to somewhere like Norway where they can welcome the dross of this world along with the religiously dissolusioned. They can then stroke them and utter ‘There there,, but not in my Country

    • “Why any problem with ID?”

      I don’t have a probem with ID cards if they are used sensibly.

      I would have problem with how many ‘jobsworths’ would be able to demand to see them – would it be Banks? SDC jobsworths? Net curtain twitchers? Daily Scum readers? Local Counciliars?

      And assuming personal information would be stored on them then what use the ‘jobsworths’ put the data they collect to or what happens if they even lose the data?

      And what if the personal information is wrong? How would people be able to get any errors corrected by a ‘jobsworth’ or even check if it is wrong?

      And finally – what size of brown envelope would the Nasty Party expect to award the ID Card contract to a company to cockup after several years over budget etc…

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