It Looks Like Bullshit, It Smells Like Bullshit, It Must Be…

dorothy-roweDorothy Rowe (pictured) is a psychologist. She has written a number of books and for a while was a contributor to Saga Magazine. One of her books is entitled “Why We Lie”. It is a simple concise book. It is not about the morality of lying nor does she discuss lying in the abstract as many moralists too often do. It is a straightforward easy to understand book, which puts lying down to vanity and fear.

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Lies are words or actions intended to deceive other people or ourselves. In matters psychological the phrase “In Denial” is used to emphasis someone is lying. Recently we informed you that Damian Collins had lied. We told you that there were two pieces of incontrovertible evidence which supported this, these being two FoI responses from South Kent Coast CCG.

Damian (pictured) if you recall stated that 1500 patients had been moved, when in fact the number was Zero. Now in the paper – 04/10/17 Folkestone & Hythe Express Pg 9, he believes that it was the NHS or rather the staff of South Kent Kent CCG who “misled” him about the number of patients transferred.

Now this is interesting as Damian does not support this with any facts or evidence. We and the Folkestone & Hythe Express have on the other hand supported our reports that Damian Collins has lied with evidence and fact. Now if Damian opens his mouth and utters something are we just supposed to believe him? We believe the answer to that has to be a resounding NO. He is a politician after all and should realise in an age of fake news, evidence to support your statements are all the more important.


When Damian was being grilled about the Lorry Park on the 22 Jan 2016 at Westenhanger Castle, he was asked the question by our public face if he would release the minutes of the meeting he had with the Chancellor and the 11 other Kent MP’s in Downing Street. His response was there were no minutes. Our public face requested via FoI, the minutes of the meeting Damian recently had with the Accountable Officer Hazel Carpenter (pictured) of the SKC CCG. Guess what, no minutes were taken whatsoever, so again we are just supposed to roll over and believe Damian’s word without any evidence whatsoever.

When Damian was talking about the Arch on the Leas – Private Eye once again put his words so succinctly.


On the 15th Nov 2016 we ran an article about Damian’s expenses and how he attempted to claim £6,000 for his wife. His claim was turned down by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA). A wonderful Shepway resident followed up our story with a Freedom of Information Request; which generated an article in The Sunday Times on the 8th Jan 2017.

Damian was according to The Sunday Times “unaware of the rules” even though he had been a member of Parliament for over six and half years. We believe Damian’s response was Bull….


Unfortunately we the Shepwayvox Team will not and do not believe Damian is telling the truth – he is in the words of Dorothy Rowe “In Denial” – and in the language of frank, straight talking people, Damian’s words look like bullshit, smell like bullshit, so must be bullshit, there’s no other way of putting it.

So if Damian can prove otherwise that he is not lying about the GP crisis and the statements he has made regarding the number of patients transferred then we ask him to stump up the evidence and the facts; and if he can – we will of course apologise, and donate £100 to the Rainbow Centre.

Finally, if you are a patient who is being transferred from Folkestone East Family Practice and want to know your rights then there is no better place to look than GP Law written by a fully qualified QC.

The Shepwayvox Team


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