Fake News & A Lie By Damian Collins MP.

Screenshot from 2017-09-26 06-51-42We asked the question earlier this month whether or not Damian Collins MP (pictured) had lied regarding the transfer of 1,500 patients to other GP Surgeries. Damian placed into the public domain on the 11th Sept 2017 the following statement:

Well, a member of the Shepway public asked the South Kent Coast CCG, via a Freedom of Information (FoI) Request on the 19th Sept 2017 the following:

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On the 25th Sept 2017 the South Kent Coast CCG responded to the FoI Request with the following statement:

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So on this matter we can conclusively say Damian Collins MP lied. No patient had been moved on or prior to midnight on Sept 10th 2017, let alone 1,500 as claimed by Damian on the Monday the 11th Sept.


This is supported by Karen Benbow (pictured) Chief Operating Officer, South East Kent Coast CGG response to our public face, where she stated:

The process for registering and allocating patients from Folkestone East Family Practice will begin next week (25th Sept), once patients have received a letter from the CCG confirming the next steps they should take to ensure that they are registered  with a GP from the 1st Nov. 

So two pieces of information from the South Kent Coast CCG both support each other and clearly contradict what Damian has stated, via his website. Why was it necessary for our MP to lie to the people of Shepway regarding this matter? The GP crisis is to big for this, it needs honesty, openness and transparency, not untruths. Telling a lie about patients moved was so unnecessary by Mr Collins.

We can aslo say that Damian delivered a fake news story, so should report himself to his own Culture, Media and Sport Committee – of which he is Chairman. His Committee will be investigating these issues, as well as looking into the sources of fake news, what motivates people to spread it. Well Damian what did motivate you to spread a lie and fake news?

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Anyway, Damian has form when it comes to factually inaccurate statements. In his support for the Memorial Arch built on the Leas, Folkestone, Private Eye have said the following about our Damian:

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Now as you may or may not know, Damian was a Modern History scholar at Oxford University, did he pay attention in class?

Sunday Times 08-01-17 (1)-page-001

Finally, Damian is a chancer too. Some of you might recall that on the 15th Nov 2016 we ran an article about Damian’s expenses and how he attempted to claim £6,000 for his wife. His claim was turned down by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA). A wonderful Shepway resident followed up our story with a Freedom of Information Request; which generated an article in The Sunday Times on the 8th Jan 2017.

Damian was according to The Sunday Times “unaware of the rules” even though he had been a member of Parliament for over six and half years.

So what we would like to know is whether or not Damian Collins, MP for Folkestone & Hythe Consituency, will be apologising to the people of Shepway for lying to them; and spreading fake news about 1,500 patients being transferred, when in fact the actually number transferred was zero. Well Mr Collins, we are waiting…

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  1. Who would have thought it – A Tory telling lies…
    Outstanding work SV !!!!!

  2. Thank you for opening the can of worms politicians are not even worth there votes, why do we still believe in them any more They are only career politicians only in it for themselves.

  3. Perhaps he may have also fibbed about his wife working with the new free school for free. Is she paid??

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